Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Home Tour: Master Bedroom

So... as you may have noticed, I have been promising pictures of our new house since we moved in DECEMBER! I haven't posted any (well, not really) yet. The reason for this is because none of our rooms are really "done" yet. I finally realized that they will probably never be done. I'm a tweaker. I love to constantly change things in my house around. Just as soon as a room is totally finished, I'm bored and looking for new ways to arrange the furniture, etc. Haha. So, if I'm waiting to post pictures until a room is perfect, they will never be posted. I decided I would just jump on in and start posting pictures! I think it will be fun for me to look back in several years and see how much has changed or not changed.

I feel a little weird posting pictures of my house though. I hope it doesn't seem like I'm fishing for compliments. Really, I'm not. I just love seeing other people's houses, and I figured there might be one or two people who would like to see ours. :) So, I'll start with the master bedroom (because it is the most complete, and the neatest at the moment!) :)

Here are a few BEFORE pictures: And this was after we had moved in but were waiting to have our carpet replaced. We literally slept with our mattress on the floor of the sitting area. Those first few week after moving = no fun!! (It didn't help that I was in my first trimester and hormonal - haha.)
Even though it felt like things would never come together, they eventually did. We got new carpet. We painted the walls. We hung our chandelier. We moved our furniture into the room. And here is the AFTER: If you remember what our old bedroom looked like, you'll notice that we got a different bedspread. We're using the old one in the guest bedroom. Pretty much everything else in the room we already had. The drapes were in the kitchen of our old house. I've had this bench for YEARS, but it was a gold color that didn't work in our house. David spray painted it, I recovered the cushion, and we had a brand new bench!
I love the sitting area! I have always wanted a sitting room in my bedroom, and this is one of my favorite parts of our house. We already had everything that we used in this room (except the pillows that my grandmother made) and it came together just the way I hoped it would. The rug was in our living room in our old house, and it's been in the office ever since we moved. Just the other day, I decided that it would pull all the colors in our bedroom together perfectly, so we moved it. I love it in here! (By the way, this area will be where little Jude sleeps for several weeks/months after he is born!) The view from the sitting area into the rest of the room. Sorry about that weird reflection on the wall. So, there it is! As I said, it's not perfect, and it probably never will be. Some of the walls still feel a bit bare to me, so I'll probably hang a few more things before it's all said and done. We love the way it turned out though, and it's a very restful room to be in. We haven't done a thing to the master bathroom, so it might be a while before you can see it :)

Stayed tuned for more of our house tour!


Christy said...

I LOVE the wall color with all the other colors in the room.

Where did you get the drapes? Did you have them made by someone? I love them! I am currently working on finding fabric for my windows and it is a long, slow process.

The room is beautiful!

Sarah Denley said...

It's beautiful, please don't feel weird about posting pictures! Even though I've seen it, it's neat to see the changes and it's fun because I feel like I can take my time and really soak everything up! The rug does look great in the little sitting area (which I think is one of the neatest things about your whole house!).

I'm curious why the mattress was in the sitting area...didn't you get that recarpeted too??

Ashley said...

So, so pretty :) I'm with SD---I like being able to take everything in while I look at a picture! I'm the antsy one who wants to see a ton of pictures, so KEEP POSTING THEM.

J. Henry said...

Wow... it looks SO good! Y'all did a great job!

Emily said...

So pretty! LOVE the sitting area!!!