Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week in Review: On again, off again [with sickness]

Just when I thought things were getting better, sickness struck again! So, we didn't get out a whole lot more this week than we did last, but Aubrey took better naps and slept better at night, so it was a better week as a whole. Praying for NO sickness next week! :)

Sunday: I stayed home from church with Aubrey. She was on the mend and probably would have been fine to go, but we wanted to play it safe for the sake of the other kids she would be around. While David was at church, Aubrey and I played at home. I cooked pork loin, wild rice, and roasted broccoli for lunch. Yum! Aubrey took a brief nap that afternoon. Thanks to David, I got to take a long one :) I went to church that night, and David stayed home with Aubrey.

Monday: Aubrey woke up SO early -- 6:20. I was extremely disappointed. I was hoping this week would get off to a better start. Aubrey's mood started to deteriorate at around 10, so we went for a walk. I knew she wouldn't take a nap that early. We came home, ate lunch, and both took naps. I was SO happy that Aubrey took a 2 1/2 hour nap that day. I needed it! That evening my grandmother and brother watched Aubrey at church while David did karate, and my mom and I went to Ladies' Night Out with church friends. We were going to go to a pizza place, but when we got there we realized it's closed on Mondays. Bummer! We went to a Mediterranean place instead. We had a good time!

Tuesday: Praise the Lord, Aubrey slept until 9:15!! I had decided I wasn't going to set an alarm for Bible Study. If Aubrey got up early we would go, but if she slept, I figured we could both catch up on our sleep. I'm so glad she decided to sleep in even though we missed Bible Study again! We had a very pleasant morning at home. Aubrey was in such a sweet mood since she slept late. We both had better attitudes than we did the day before ;-) We went to the grocery store after lunch. We attempted naptime, but it was a no go. That's the trade off for having her sleep so late. I did decide that she is going to spend a minimum of 30 minutes in her bed every afternoon. If she chooses to spend that time screaming, so be it. I HATE hearing her scream, but I really need just 30 minutes to take a shower and straighten up everyday. I know that she isn't hungry, dirty, cold... she's just mad. As soon as I went to get her, she turned off the tears and wasn't scarred at all :) Anyway, her mood was pretty volatile the rest of the afternoon and evening. That girls still NEEDS a nap even if she disagrees. Whatever. I cooked curry chicken and asparagus for dinner that night. After dinner, David, Aubrey, and I went on a walk. It was so nice. We came home and put Aubrey to bed, and I watched the end of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

Wednesday: Aubrey slept until 8:30. This current schedule is SO much nicer than getting up at 6:20. Let's hope it sticks because Aubrey and I are BOTH in better moods with extra sleep. Ha! We had our friends Ashley and Evy and Sarah Denley over for lunch. We were going to go to SD's house this week, but they've had some sickness in their family, so we wanted to give their house time to "air out." Haha. Because of the sickness, Ann Peyton stayed home with her daddy. Aubrey and Evy had fun playing. Aubrey kept trying to steal Evy's toy though :( Aubrey's little brother can't get here fast enough for her to learn to share! ;) Anyway, after our company left, Aubrey took a nap and I did my Bible Study homework. Someone was supposed to come fix our broken upstairs air conditioner that afternoon, but he was a no show. Shocker!! We went to church that evening. I enjoyed my Bible Study on impatience, irritability, and anger. I watched American Idol when we got home.

Thursday: Aubrey woke up at 5:45 and we both dozed in my bed for a couple of hours. When we got up, I realized she was burning up with fever -- 103.5! We went to the doctor and then Target to get some fever medicine. We came home, ate lunch, and both took long naps. It was nice! David stayed home with me from karate that night. We went to Corner Bakery for dinner. I know my child had a virus, but we sat outside away from everyone. I just really needed to get out of the house. After dinner I went in Target for the second time that day to get a few household essentials.

Friday: Aubrey slept late, and her fever was way down when she woke up. Praise the Lord! We stayed at home all day, but I just enjoyed being with Aubrey and tried not to stress out when she didn't take a nap. I switched out my winter shoes for my summer shoes and cleaned up my closet. I also straightened the rest of the house and did some laundry. It was a pretty productive day. When David got home, we went to dinner at Fresh Market Cafe, rented a movie, and went to Borders. We played outside with Aubrey after we got home. When she went to bed, David and I watched The Blind Side. It was really good -- we both liked it!

Saturday: We all slept in and then went outside and worked in the yard. We did a lot of weeding in our flower beds. It looks a lot better, but there is still lots to do. When I got hot, Aubrey and I came inside while David mowed the grass. I cooked sloppy joe's for lunch. My family came over for a visit after lunch. Aubrey woke up from her nap while they were still here, and we all played outside. Aubrey is getting LOTS more baths than she used to now that she is playing outside so much ;-) After they left, David, Aubrey, and I went to three bookstores. I have book club on Tuesday, and I haven't even started (or bought!) the book yet. Good thing I'm a fast reader :-/ Sadly, none of the stores had the book. Thankfully, not everyone in the book club is a procrastinator, so I'm just going to borrow the book from someone who has already read it. After shopping, we ate dinner at Pizza Inn. Love that chocolate chip pizza! My flip flop broke while we were out, so I had to drag my leg around like a crazy person. Haha. After dinner we went to Target (where I got a new pair of flip flops) and Kroger.

So, that was our week. I think we're all three going to get to go to church tomorrow since Aubrey has been fever free for over 24 hours. Yay! I'm praying that Aubrey won't be sick again for a long time!

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Hope you have a healthy week in your household!