Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week in Review: Party Animals

This week was busy. I feel like we were on the go all week. It was fun though! It would have been even better, though, if my child would have taken a dang nap every once in a while! :-/ Haha. Here is our week in review:

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday School. After church, we came home and ate roast sandwiches for lunch. Aubrey took a nap, and so did David and I. We went back to church that night. We had a pretty slim crowd because of spring break. On the way home, we drove through Dairy Queen because I was craving french fries and a blizzard :)

Monday: My mom and grandmother came over that morning to help with my tea staining project. I was hoping to finish my kitchen cabinets this week. We worked all morning, and a lot of the afternoon. We took a lunch break to eat some Zaxby's that I picked up. Thankfully, Aubrey took her only long nap of the week, so we were able to get a good bit done. We finished all of the doors. All that was left was to take all the doors off (ughh!) and spray paint the hinges. While the doors were off, I was going to paint the actual cabinet part. We went to karate that night, and we went to (where else?) Target during karate. David and I had good intentions of working on the cabinets when we got home, but I just cooked dinner, and we relaxed instead.

Tuesday: Aubrey and I went to Bible Study. After it was over, we ate lunch at church. Aubrey was kind of a brat, unfortunately. Her latest thing is to let out a blood curdling scream when things don't go her way. It was pretty embarrassing. Thankfully, everyone there knows I'm still learning how to do this discipline thing. I got some good advice from some moms with older kids. Now that Aubrey is 18 months old, David and I are really buckling down on the discipline. We have been disciplining her already, of course, but we are going to have to get more firm now that she is old enough to understand. Anyway, when we got home from Bible study, Aubrey wouldn't take a nap. It was quite frustrating. After a while, I gave up and we went to the grocery store instead. Not the best idea with a tired, grumpy baby. David and I have decided to start using all cash for our monthly expenses (except gas and bills). I was doing so good by taking a calculator with me to the grocery store to make sure I didn't spend more than I had. Well, about halfway through the trip, Aubrey tried to grab the calculator out of my hand and ended up clearing the whole thing! Ahhh! So annoying. It was all ok though, because I ended up having enough cash :) It was a long afternoon, and by the time David got home, I was ready for a break! He took Aubrey outside to play, and I got ready for a girl's night out with Ashley and SD. We went to dinner at Mint. It was really fun to be able to talk with no kids! It was too bad that there was a wailing toddler at the table right across from us during our mom's night OUT. Since it wasn't our child wailing, it was easier to tune out. After a nice long dinner, we went to Barnes and Noble and talked until it closed. So fun!

Wednesday: Aubrey slept late since she missed her nap the day before. I didn't set an alarm, because I didn't think I would need one. We were meeting Rebekkah and Carver at Leap Frog (a consignment store) at 11, and we were a little late since we didn't wake up until 9:30. Oops! The extra sleep was nice though! Aubrey found a little rocking chair at Leap Frog that she fell in love with. I do want to get a little chair for her, but this wasn't the kind I wanted, so we didn't get it. It broke Aubrey's heart, but she got over it quickly. After shopping we ate lunch at a Greek place. It was good, but SO slow. I think they actually forgot about our food. It was ok since we were talking, and Aubrey was entertaining herself in my lap by rubbing butter all over the table. The things we do to keep our children quiet in public! :) I did clean off the table before we left, by the way. When we got home, Aubrey didn't take a nap. Shocker! I'm not going to lie, as much as I love Aubrey and adore spending time with her, after a couple of days with no naps I feel like going crazy. I hate to complain, because I have it SO good, but it's just hard to keep up with a toddler as active as she is with no breaks. I was thankful to see David when he got home! :) He took her outside and worked in the yard while I cooked dinner. When I got the sides mostly done, he grilled some chicken. It turned out great! Our second grilling experience was a success! We had a nice dinner, and then I watched American Idol even though I haven't gotten into it at all this season. After American Idol, I painted some more of our kitchen cabinets. We stayed up way too late.

I got up early (at least it felt early, considering how late I was up the night before) and got ready so we could meet two friends from church at the Zoo! This was Aubrey's first Zoo experience, so that was exciting. I figured she would like it since she loves animals. Unfortunately, I don't think Aubrey could really see any of the animals from her stroller. Haha. I let her out for a little while, but that just made me nervous so I ended up putting her back in. I'm going to get one of those leash things for next time so she can walk without someone grabbing her. I think Aubrey enjoyed being outside in her stroller, even though she didn't really see any animals :) You wouldn't think she had fun based on her facial expression. This was the look on her face the whole time:I let her have her paci that day to keep her from screaming to get down. It mostly worked ;) We stayed at the Zoo for a long time, and by the time we got home it was time to attempt a nap. Aubrey didn't nap very well, but she did stay happily in her bed for a long time, and she ended up sleeping for around 30 minutes. I'll take it! I was worn out after the Zoo trip, so it was nice to be able to sit still for a little while. After she got up, we hung out and then met David at karate. My mom, brother, Aubrey, and I went to Hudson's Salvage Center. I was looking for new knobs for my kitchen cabinets, and I had heard they had some. Sadly, they didn't have 44 of the ones I liked :( Oh well. I picked up Penn's for dinner on the way home.

Friday: We stayed home all day and worked around the house. Thank goodness, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, Aubrey did take a nap. It wasn't a very long nap, but it was way better than nothing! While she slept, I worked on our cabinets. That night we went over to David's parents house for dinner. Both of his sisters were in town this weekend. We had a nice dinner and Aubrey enjoyed seeing her aunts, uncles, and little cousin, Caroline! We had to stop at Target on the way home for diapers, and by the time we got home, Aubrey was exhausted.

Saturday: Aubrey slept late -- yay! After we all got up, I cooked chocolate chip muffins, and then we worked on the house because David's family was coming over for dinner. We finished the cabinets. (I'll post pictures soon -- I'm really happy with the way they turned out, but the paint scratches off really easily. We're going to polyurethane them ASAP and pray that fixes the problem. Every time some paint scratches off, I want to break out in hives.) The rest of the day we spent just straightening up. Aubrey took a short nap. This morning when I was tickling her, I noticed that she has a tooth that has broken through on the top! I'm totally blaming her decreased appetite and poor napping this week on that tooth. I feel bad that I haven't been giving her Tylenol. Oh well. Prayerfully, next week will be better. I did notice that her gums beside the tooth look red, so we might be in for even more fun. It was bound to happen at some point since this is only her 3rd tooth in 18 months. Haha. Anyway, David's family came over this evening, and we had fun. We were able to hang out outside a little before it started raining. We cooked hamburgers, and just visited. Fun evening :)

Whew, it was a busy week! Please pray that Aubrey naps better next week for the sake of this mama's sanity :-/


The Niemeyer Nest said...

So glad you posted - I cannot sleep and it's nice to have a new blog to read. Evie grew 5 teeth this week and her napping was kinda crazy too. Let's hope it's better for us both next week. Can't wait to see your cabinets. We might need to poly ours too because we are noticing a few chips as well.

Christy said...

I can't wait to see cabinet pics!

Laura Grace and Layton were poor nappers around 12-18 months. They did get better! I think they just get so busy exploring that it is hard for them to settle down.

Disciplining a small toddler is hard but you will be so glad that you did it when she is a little older! It will make a huge difference in what kind of little girl she turns into :)

Nathalie said...

When our nephew Roger was Aubrey's age he was the same way -- super active, never sat still, constantly going from one activity to another. He would tire three of us out after just a couple hours of babysitting (Steve, his mom and I would be lying on the floor exhausted and Roger would still be running around). I can't imagine how hard it must be to do it alone all day! My point is you shouldn't feel bad about feeling like going crazy :).

I'm terrified of the discipline part of parenthood.. Steve and I are such softies! haha. Hopefully I'll learn a few things from your experiences ;).