Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week in Review: Nap Strike... Take 2!

I was right when I guessed that this was going to be a more low-key week. Sometimes those are good though! :)

We went to church and Sunday School. After church we had lunch at my parents' house for my brother's 14th birthday. Aubrey was SO tired by the time we got home, but she didn't get a very long nap because we had to wake her up to go back to church. That night, our church was meeting with several other churches in the area for a hymn festival. The church we were meeting at just so happens to be the church where David grew up and where his parents still go to church. The service was really nice. After church we went to McAlister's for dinner with David's parents. Sadly, Aubrey was a bit of a pill thanks to that short nap she got (and the fact that she hates sitting still in a highchair). We still had a good dinner though.

Monday: Just the usual Monday -- stayed home and did laundry. While Aubrey napped I dusted the house and straightened up. When David got home he took Aubrey to church with him. I was going to a Ladies Night Out at PF Chang's and my grandmother was watching Aubrey at church while David did karate. Rebekkah and I rode to PF Chang's together, and we met several other ladies from church there. We had a really fun time at dinner! We stayed late talking, and after dinner, Rebekkah and I ran into Barnes and Noble to get coffee for the ride home.

Tuesday: Aubrey and I went to Bible Study that morning. We go to Bible Study every Tuesday, but once a month it's a different Bible Study called Circle. We meet in a lady's home (they still have nursery for the kids at church) and it is mostly older ladies that go to Circle. This was my second time to go to Circle, and I enjoyed it. After it was over we came home and ate lunch. I then put Aubrey down for her nap, but she just didn't want to sleep. She finally went to sleep but slept for less than an hour. Bummer! She wasn't too cranky though, considering she just got a catnap. David had a meeting at church that night, and he went straight to church from work. Rebekkah's husband was also going to the meeting, so Rebekkah and baby Carver came over to hang out with Aubrey and me. Aubrey LOVED Carver. She was actually pretty sweet with him too. We ate pizza and attempted to watch Julie and Julia. Aubrey was getting pretty tired and loud, so we didn't hear much of the movie :-/ We had fun though! David got home from his meeting shortly after Rebekkah left, and we talked and then went to bed.

Wednesday: We went to JC Penny's and Target after breakfast. We just wanted to get out of the house and had a nice time looking around. Aubrey took a good nap that afternoon, and I did my Bible Study homework while she slept. (WHY do I always wait until the day of Bible Study to do my homework??) I also finished watching Julie and Julia so I could take it to Rebekkah at church so she could finish watching it. (We didn't get to finish it the night before.) David came home from work, and we all went to church together. I went to Bible Study, and it was good. This week it was on the sins of anxiety, frustration, and discontentment. These are all things I struggle with -- especially anxiety. So I enjoyed the study.

Thursday: I met Rebekkah at the Overstock Sale. That was pure craziness! After that was over I was ready for a nap. Haha. Unfortunately, Aubrey had other plans. That's right, even after all the running around and acting wild she STILL didn't nap. Ugh. We ended up just playing all afternoon. Because she didn't take a nap, I got nothing done. When David came home we went to karate. During karate we went to Target. Anyone noticed that we practically live at Target? Haha.

Friday: We had lunch with Ashley (minus Evy) and Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton. We were so excited to see our friends again! It felt like it had been years since we had all been together. (Really, it had only been a couple of weeks.) We had tons of fun catching up. Aubrey entertained herself by playing with my cup of ice. When we got home, Aubrey refused to take a nap. I just don't get why some days she will go to sleep so easily and some days she won't. Oh well. She actually wasn't cranky -- she just wanted to play. So we did. Again, I got nothing done. If she completely gives up her nap, my house is going to be a disaster. Haha. When David got home we just hung out for a while. Then we went to eat Mexican. This is the point where not taking a nap usually catches up with Aubrey. She was SO cranky. We ate fast! But right about the time we finished scarfing our food, she found something to entertain her and played quietly for a long time while David and I just talked. Silly girl! After dinner I wanted to run in Ross to see if I could find a super cheap dress for Easter. I did find one! It's black and white, which isn't my favorite for Easter -- I like something a little more springy. But when you're pregnant and looking for a bargain you can't be picky. The best part is that the dress isn't a maternity dress, so I should still be able to wear it when I'm not pregnant. After Ross, we ran in Target. We were in desperate need of Desitin. We just hung out at home for the rest of the evening.

Saturday: All of us, including Aubrey, slept in until 10:00! It was awesome! I guess the past 2 days of not napping have caught up with her. After eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast, David went and worked in the yard while Aubrey and I hung out. When David got done, he came in and took over Aubrey duty, and I went shopping. I didn't really buy anything, which is good :) David even got Aubrey to take a nap while I was gone! It's too bad that he is so much better at my job than I am. Haha. When I got home David was doing some things around the house, so I played with Aubrey. When he finished, we went to dinner at CiCi's. Yeah, we're high class. Haha. After dinner we made our usual Kroger run. Now, I'm thinking about going to bed early since we're losing an hour of sleep tonight :)

Maybe we'll have better luck with naptime next week. I'm not holding my breath though :)

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Christy said...

I am sorry she is not napping! That makes the days seem SOOO long. I hope this week is better!