Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little Hooligan

Do you ever have moments where you realize you have become the mom you used to judge before you had kids? I had one of those moments today at a kid's clothing Overstock Sale. I decided it would be a really good idea to take Aubrey with me to the sale (mistake #1). I thought I wouldn't be there long (mistake #2) and she would be happy in her stroller. Ha! Well, it turns out this place was packed out. They had a TON of cute stuff, but it was really hard to maneuver the stroller. Aubrey got really restless really fast -- we were there during her usual play time. So then I stupidly decided I would let her get down and walk holding my hand (mistake #3). Yeah, it totally slipped my mind that my child doesn't walk anywhere. She runs. I chased her down hoping she would burn off some energy and get back in her stroller.

We got in line and I kid you not, this was THE slowest line I have ever been in in my life. We were in line for over an hour. During lunchtime. I spent a good part of this hour following Aubrey around while she ran, and my sweet friend held my place in line. When I thought she had burned off some energy, I put her back in her stroller. This worked fine for a while, but she got restless again. So I let her run again. When we got close to paying, I put her back in her stroller. And she had an absolute screaming meltdown. I think that is the worst hissy fit she has ever had in her life, and of course it would have to be in public. I was mortified. I know when we finally got out of there, everyone must have breathed a collective sign of relief. Oh by the way, we were there from 10:30-1:00. Seriously.

I realized on the way home that before I was a mom myself, I would have been thinking, "I will never let my child act like that in public." Haha. I did learn a valuable lesson though: next time I'm getting a babysitter! I also got some really cute clothes, so I guess it was worth the embarrassment! Oh, the things we do for clothes! Now I think I need a nap! :)


Anonymous said...

The sale was crazy!! I think everyone got there close to it opening and therefore all got in line at the same time! And it was the slowest line ever! I wish I would have given them my stuff and then come back later to pay.

KTElltt said...

There will be more lessons to come, girl. I have several of those lessons a month and flashback to when I used to be child-free and SO judgmental. It brings new meaning to the quote "people without children make the BEST parents!"