Thursday, March 4, 2010

20 down, 20 to go

I can't believe that this pregnancy is half way over!! How did that happen so fast?! I may be changing my tune when I'm humongous and it's 102 degrees outside, but so far this pregnancy is flying by! I thought I would do a little comparison.

Here I am at about 20 weeks with Aubrey:And here I am at 20 weeks with our baby boy:I definitely think I'm bigger this time! That's ok though. I feel like I am at the perfect stage as far as belly size goes right now. Big enough to obviously be pregnant, but not huge. (At least I don't think I'm huge... right? Haha.) I'm having to get really creative with my wardrobe. Literally every stitch of maternity clothing I own is summer stuff. I had to break down and buy a few pairs of pants (the ones I had are all capris) and a few long sleeved shirts. I'm doing lots of layering! I know any day now winter is going to go away and I'll be able to break out the summer stuff ;) Just kidding -- I would never wear summer clothes until after Easter. I'm a good Southern girl! Haha.

The best part of the past few weeks has been feeling the baby move! I just LOVE feeling those little kicks. They're getting stronger and more frequent, and I just can't get enough of them! I love feeling like the baby is "making contact" with the outside world. I'm pretty sure at my last appointment my doctor mentioned that I have an anterior placenta. I was so focused on hearing her say that the baby is healthy that it didn't even register until after we had left. I could have dreamed that -- I'm going to confirm at my next appointment. It doesn't matter either way; I'm just glad I'm feeling movement already, because they say anterior placentas can make it more difficult to feel the baby moving.

We haven't made any progress on the name front. It's not something we've spent a lot of time talking about, which is funny because we had a boy and girl named picked out for Aubrey before I was even in my second trimester! Ha! I think I know what we'll end up naming him, but I'm not telling until it's set in stone ;) I think boy names are so much harder than girl names. I had several girls names that I liked, but not so many boy names. Hopefully we can come to a final decision soon!

I haven't had any weird cravings lately. I'm still feeling great. I have been more tired this pregnancy than I was with Aubrey. You don't realize how much energy it takes to have a toddler! Thankfully, Aubrey has been napping really well lately, so I can always take a little nap too if I need it.

I think that about sums up my pregnancy as of week 20. I'm praying that the second half of this pregnancy is as easy as the first half has been. We just can't wait to meet our little boy when he's big enough. (...But hopefully not too big! Hehe.)


Nathalie said...

Looking great Carrie! Glad to hear things are going well. I totally agree, boy names are harder!!

Christy said...

Boy names are SO hard!

You look great!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Carrie - you look so cute! I LOVE your bump and I agree you are at the perfect point in pregnany. That's the best when everyone knows you are pregnant but are not telling you how huge you look. Your dress is so adorable too. My maternity is packed away and it will be interesting since I taught while pregnant - not much to wear to playgroups and such. Glad you are feeling good. Rest as much as you can.