Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week in Review: Painting Fools

We stayed pretty busy this week! We were working hard trying to get our house in order to entertain our families next week. We also managed to squeeze in some fun in the midst of all the house work ;-)

David and I had nursery duty during church. Our Sunday School class did a prayer walk around the neighborhood during Sunday School, but I didn't go because it was freezing! I stayed at the church instead. After church we went to my grandmother's house for lunch. When we got home, we took a nap and then went to night church. After church we went to dinner at Corner Bakery.

Monday: Aubrey and I got up and made a trip to the grocery store. We had a low-key afternoon. I did several loads of laundry and Aubrey took a nice nap. When she got up we met my friend, Lindsey, at Hobby Lobby to look at liner for our curtains. Neither Lindsey or I really know what we're doing when it comes to making these curtains, so we decided to go together. Talk about the blind leading the blind! Ha! We had fun though, and we did manage to find some liner. David had a meeting at church that night, so he wasn't going to be at karate. I was still going to go to karate to hang out with my mom. David didn't think his meeting would last very long, so we decided to ride to church together instead of going in separate cars. Once we got to church, Aubrey and I went to the Apple store with my mom and brother and then we all went to Target. When we got back to church and karate ended, David was still in his meeting. Karate ends at around 7:45. David didn't get out of his meeting until 9. Yeah, we won't be riding together when he has another meeting next month. Aubrey was one tired baby by the time we got home. All that waiting on David did give me lots of time to read my book club book. I finished it once we got home.

Tuesday: Aubrey and I went to Bible study at church. I enjoyed the study and Aubrey had fun in the nursery. After Bible study several of us went over to one of the mom's house for an (indoor) picnic lunch. We had a good time and came home in time for naptime. While Aubrey slept I did some painting. That night I had book club. We met at Broadstreet Bakery, and it was so fun! This month we read the book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I really enjoyed the book, and we had some good discussion on it at book club. One thing I've really loved about being in this book club is that I'm reading books that I probably never would have otherwise read, and I've liked both of the ones I've read so far! We stayed at Broadstreet talking pretty late, and David had Aubrey in bed by the time I got home. He's so good at being Mr. Mom! :)

Wednesday: This was a very low-key day. We didn't leave the house until that night. I did get stuff done around the house. I'm working on finding all of our decorations/accessories and putting them out in their new home. It makes such a difference to have our house semi-decorated. Still a lot to do though! While Aubrey napped I did my Bible Study homework for church that night. I'm a terrible procrastinator, unfortunately. When David got home we all went to church. We had fun, and my Bible Study was good!

Thursday: After breakfast Aubrey and I went to Target and Fringe, a cute little fabric store. I bought fabric for some Euro shams and throw pillows for our bedroom. My sweet grandmother is currently making them for me, but our bedroom should be finished and ready for pictures when I get the pillows. Exciting! We got home just in time for lunch and naptime. During Aubrey's nap I did more stuff around the house -- painting and dusting. David went to visit his grandmother after work, so we met him at karate. During karate my mom, Aubrey, and I went to Lowes, Lifeway, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We came home from karate and had Taco Soup that had been cooking in the crockpot. Yum!

Friday: We had lunch with Ashley and Evy and Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton. It had been 2 weeks since we had seen Ash and Evy and we missed them! And of course, we always love seeing SD and AP :) After lunch we came home for a nap, and then when David got home from work we got busy on the house. My mom and oldest brother came over and brought dinner. Then they played with Aubrey while David and I did some major painting. Not the most exciting way to spend a Friday night, but we got a lot done. Whoo! My mom and brother left after Aubrey went to bed, and David and I stayed up entirely too late painting.

Saturday: We got up bright and early (for a Saturday!) and met our friends, Jason and Lindsey, in Canton to have beignets. They were so good and buying them supported The Christmas Village -- even better! After breakfast we walked around downtown Canton and went in some cute little shops. Jason had to leave to go to work, so David and I took Lindsey home after we had eaten lunch at Basils. It was a fun morning/afternoon! When we got home we got right back to painting. We are about sick of all this painting. Haha! I was craving Italian food, so we went to dinner at Olive Garden tonight. Now we are just hanging out knowing that we should be painting, but we are just too tired. I think I'll go to bed early tonight.

So, that was our week. Hopefully all of our hard work on the house will pay off on Tuesday when we have our families over to reveal our baby's gender! :)

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