Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week in Review: Oh brother!

We had a busy week! I like staying busy, so it was good. I didn't blog much this week though, and I plan on doing better next week. :)

Went to church and Sunday School. After we got home we had vegetable soup for lunch. Aubrey took a short nap, and David and I did the same. We went back to church that night. After church we ate with the youth group. David and I are responsible for getting people to sign up to host/bring food for the youth after Sunday night church, and they were having some good food that night. So we stayed and ate dinner too :)

Monday: Aubrey and I went to Wal-Mart that morning for a few things. I wanted to get some upholstery tacks for a window treatment I was attempting. Unfortunately, the fabric I wanted to use wasn't wide enough, so it was a fail :( I'm going to try it again when I find more fabric though! Aubrey took a really long nap that afternoon. Like 4 hours long. The only reason she woke up then was because I went into her room to check on her because I was starting to worry about her. It turns out she was coming down with a cold, so I think that's why she slept so long. While she slept, I worked like crazy around the house. That evening we went to karate. During karate we went to Marshall's and I got a picture frame. We came home, ate sandwiches, and did more work around the house.

Tuesday: This was the big day! We found out our baby's sex! Our appointment took forever though. We were there for 2 hours. Crazyness. David took the whole day off from work so we could get ready for our family get-together that night. I'm SO glad he did! After the appointment we ran lots of errands. We bought a gas grill -- this is something I have wanted to get forever. Our new house has a nice big deck in the backyard, and we want to do some outdoor entertaining when the weather gets nice. I feel like a grill is essential to laid back, outdoor get-togethers. So we now have a grill! We also went to the grocery store and several other places. When we got back home, we got busy getting everything ready. My youngest brother entertained Aubrey while David and I were hanging pictures on the wall among other things. Aubrey had a blast -- Uncle Joel is her absolute favorite person in the world. No lie. Anyway, our families came around 6, and we had a great time. My dad gave David a grilling lesson, so hopefully he's all set to do some serious grilling now! :) I'm looking forward to this! Ha! It worked out great that we had this little party for our families. We got a ton done on the house that we probably would have otherwise put off for a while. We still have LOTS to do, but it at least feels neat and clean now. Our dining room isn't filled with boxes and junk anymore! Yay! It was a long day, and when everyone left we all went to bed!

Wednesday: I got up early and got ready to meet Ashley and Sarah Denley at a kid's consignment sale. Of course on the day that I had to get up early Aubrey would decide to sleep late. I had to wake her up at 8:45. Typical! Ha. I took her to my mom's house so she could play with one of her Bff's. My mom keeps 2 little girls from church 2 days a week and one of them is Aubrey's age, and they're big buds. The sale was great, and I got lots of cute things! It's a good thing they only take cask or checks. I had a set amount of cash to spend to limit myself. It also helped having Ashley and Sarah Denley to help me rule some stuff out. I bought my first little boy outfit! Awww. After I finished at the sale, I went and picked Aubrey up. She took a good nap that afternoon, and I watched TV and read while she slept. It was nice to be able to just rest after being so busy on the house the past 2 weeks. David came home from work, and we all went to church. My Bible Study was good. David kept Aubrey with him instead of putting her in the nursery because she had a little cough.

Thursday: We did absolutely nothing! We just bummed around all day. I didn't even get much done around the house. I should have done laundry, but I took a break from housework. Ha. I was actually tired that day (we probably stayed up too late the night before!) so when Aubrey took a nap, I did too. David went to visit his grandmother after work, so we met him at karate that evening. During karate we went to Books-A-Million and Kroger.

Friday: I had lunch at Bon Ami with my friend, Rebekkah. I haven't been able to hang out with her very much since she had her baby since he's not getting out of the house yet, so it was really fun to catch up! After lunch Rebakkah and I went up to our church to do a centerpiece for the food table for a Ladies Sunday School class we're having on Sunday. We thought there would be stuff at church we could use for the centerpiece and it wouldn't take very long to do. When we got there we realized there wasn't much to work with. We ended up having to go buy flowers. We didn't want to buy a flower arrangement so we could save money. Instead, we just bought flowers and decided to arrange them ourselves. Neither one of us really know much about flower arranging though. It ended up taking us quite a few tries to get the arrangement looking decent. Haha. We finally got it to a point where we were happy with it. Anyway, all that ended up taking pretty much the whole day. That night Ashley, Sarah Denley, and I were going to have a girl's night, but Ashley got sick so we postponed :( It worked out for the best though, since Aubrey hadn't taken a nap all day. I would have felt bad dumping her on David in the kind of mood she was in. Ha! No, she wasn't too bad. We went to dinner at Primos with David's dad and some friends. When we got home and put Aubrey to bed early, we watched an episode of Christy. I got the entire series on DVD for Christmas, but we hadn't watched any yet. I used to love that show, and watching it brought back memories! I'm not sure if David was overly impressed, but it was sweet of him to watch it with me!

Saturday: David let me sleep in this morning. So nice! When I got up, I took over Aubrey duty while he went outside and worked in the yard. When he was done it was time for Aubrey's nap, and I went shopping. I went to Hobby Lobby, Ross, Kirklands, Old Navy, and Target. I got a few things but not too much :) When I got home we had Mexican for dinner. We then went to Movie Gallery and Kroger. Now Aubrey is in bed, and David and I are about to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic. David has been dying to see it. Haha, just kidding :)

So there ya go. A nice, busy week. I think the one coming up is going to be more low-key. My mom might come over and help me start tea staining my kitchen cabinets. I hope that works out!


Ashley said...

I'm looking forward to a girl's night when I'm NOT SICK. Ugh! It will be worth the wait, though! xoxo

Christy said...

I can't believe I missed the announcement!


Boys are amazing. There is something so special about all of those trains, cars, and how much they love their mommy!

I am REALLY curious about tea staining cabinets...

Sarah Denley said...

I just read this and wow! Carrie, when I probably didn't accomplish what you accomplish in a week the entire nine months I was pregnant last time. I don't understand your energy, friend!