Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just really weird

As you know, our dog has been escaping a lot lately. Six times to be exact. Yeah, he hates it here. We have no idea why. Anyway, today Aubrey was upstairs napping and I was in the living room and noticed a woman coming up to our front door. I went to the door quickly and opened it before she could ring the doorbell and wake up Aubrey. She asked me if I owned the boxer that has been getting out lately. I told her I did. She said she had come to warn me. (Cue freaky music...) She said she lives several streets over from us (across a golf course) and she has boxers. Apparently sometime last year one of the boxers got loose and "the idiot who lives two doors down" from her got his gun and shot and killed her dog. Yall, I am NOT making this up! I asked her if the man killed her dog in cold blood and she said he did. She had come to implore us not to let our dog loose. She didn't want to see the same thing happen to him.

She said several people have seen our dog running around (duh, he's been out six times!) and everyone is calling her because they assume he is her dog. She said her kids spent the day crying yesterday because they were so worried about him, and they even rode around looking for him so they could rescue him from the possible dog killer man. Sweet, right?

Well, the weird part is that she said she has been going door to door trying to figure out where this dog lives so she could warn us. She said she was finally pointed to our house. Ok, we live in a fairly large neighborhood and we know NO ONE here. How would anyone know where to point her?! I just find it shocking that of all the houses in our neighborhood she was able to locate Knightly's home. It gets weirder... as she was getting ready to leave, she said something like, "Well I won't keep you because I know you have a baby." Umm, how did she know I had a baby?!

The whole thing just seemed a little odd to me. It's weird that some man shot a dog in cold blood in our neighborhood -- we don't live in some sketchy neighborhood! And I think it's really sweet that the lady come to warn us -- really, I do! I'm sure she was genuinely concerned for our dog and was just being neighborly. But how did she know where we live and how did she know we have a baby?? It's just so weird... I hope she doesn't read this blog! Ha! I'm hoping the answer is simply that we have nosey neighbors. Hopefully we don't have some freak-o spying on us!

David said the moral of this story is that we need to remember to always set our alarm. And also, maybe we should get our curtains made for our windows really soon. Like tomorrow.


Ashley said...

Woah. Just....woah.

Christy said...

You would be surprised what your neighbors probably know!! We lived in a large subdivision in Flowood and one day I was running and passed this random woman. She stopped me and told me that I had the cutest children-she had seen us walking one day outside. I was a little freaked myself!
Hopefully they have just seen ya'll in the front yard, or found out about you when you moved in. Clay's Mamaw spends her day watching out her window and knows EVERYTHING it seems about neighbors she has never even spoken to!
About the dog-I have been reading and laughing/sympathizing with ya'll. Our dog gets out daily by tunneling under our fence. As soon as we fix one hole, he digs another. Dogs. Ugh.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

I agree - it's probably nothing to worry about - they have probably seen you or maybe even heard from the previous owners that you have a baby. All ofour new neighbors seemed to know about Evie from the previous owners. They even knew that we moved to Tn from Charlotte. Just think - everyone is new to you but many of them already know each other so word gets around in conversation. Crazy about the dog, though! Goodness!

Anonymous said...

Neighbors know the craziest things!!! And that is a crazy story - and he would easily have been charged with animal cruelty if he really shot her dog and it was a sure thing he did it. Anyway, hopefully y'all can get the dog to stay home soon because it's no fun loosing your dog because he got out. Have you thought about an underground fence?? Sometimes they work :)

Sarah Denley said...

um and maybe you need to make your blog private. Haha, totally kidding!