Monday, February 15, 2010

From Top to Bottom

by David Howie

I had to shock Knightly again on Friday because he was jumping at the gate. That was only the second time I had shocked him. He didn't try again all day Friday. (I was able to watch him since I was home from work because of the snow.) We also let him loose all day Saturday, and he never tried anything. I watched him pretty closely at first, but then would just check every so often. I never saw him try, and he stayed in the yard all day. I was very encouraged.

But when we got home from church and lunch at Carrie's grandmother's house Sunday afternoon, he was gone. Dang dog. But he did not go over the fence. This time he went under. We have a drainage area in our back yard. Normally it's just a little dip - hardly noticeable. With all the rain/snow we've had lately, it's now like a creek. So this creates a low spot under the fence. When the fence people put in the fence, they put an extra board sideways at the bottom to cover this hole. I had plans to reinforce it, but it's never been a big deal so no rush. But Sunday afternoon, the bottom board was pulled off.

I drove around looking for Knightly for a little while, but didn't see him. Right after I got home, I got a call that someone had him in their back yard, so I went and picked him up. Sure enough, his belly was muddy from going under the fence. And when we got home, he went straight to the hole and sniffed around as if to make sure it was still there. So I had to put him back on the stake yesterday afternoon and again this morning. I think this method of leaving will be pretty easy to fix (I have a section of chain-link fence I'm going to put down there, and I'll zap him), but it's frustrating that he's finding new ways to get out.

PS We were accused of not taking pictures. We took 506 on Friday of the snow and playing in it. You can see lots more in three new folders:
October and November
January and February

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Jennifer said...

I loved looking through the snow pictures & the double paci pic cracked me up! :)