Monday, December 28, 2009

Details, Details!

Thank you all for your sweet congratulations! One of my favorite things about being pregnant is sharing the news with all of our family and friends and having you all share in our joy and excitement! I want to share all the details with yall, and I thought the easiest way to do that would be in Question and Answer form. That way this doesn't become one really long, boring to read paragraph. If there is a question that I'm about to answer that doesn't interest you, you can just skip to the next one :) These are all questions that people have asked me since we started sharing the news, but if I leave anything out feel free to ask!

When are you due and how far along are you?
My official due date is July 22nd, which means I'll be 11 weeks on Thursday :o)

Did you just find out?
No, we have known for a while. We actually found out I was pregnant on November 17th. We like to wait until I've been to the doctor at least once before telling, and we thought it would be fun to wait to share the news with our families on Christmas.

How did you tell your families?
We got the Big Sis dress for Aubrey that you saw in the picture. We had our big family Christmas gatherings on Christmas Eve this year. When we got to my grandparents' house for lunch we took Aubrey in wearing a jacket buttoned up. We took the jacket off of her while everyone was gathered around her, and we expected them to notice right away and freak out. Um, no. No one noticed her dress! (My mom already knew -- I couldn't keep it from her! Otherwise, she definitely would have noticed the dress!) We finally had to pretty much point out what the dress said. As soon as they realized what was going on, they were very happy and excited. My dad said after the fact that he has assumed Aubrey's dress said "Big Girl." Ha! We told David's family the same way. We took her in with her jacket, and took it off and waited for them to notice. David's sister, Joy, noticed immediately. She said, "Does that shirt say what I think it says?" And then they were all excited and happy too! It was a really fun time, even if the reveal didn't go exactly as planned ;o)

How have you been feeling?
I have really been feeling great! I was blessed with an extremely easy pregnancy with Aubrey, and so far this one has been the same. With Aubrey, I had absolutely no nausea. With this one, I have felt slightly sick a couple of times if I skip breakfast, but it passes quickly as soon as I eat, so I really can't complain. But since I have had a little nausea I'm thinking this may be a boy?? :)

Do you want a boy or a girl?
I can honestly say that I have no preference! It would be great to have a girl since Aubrey and this baby will be so close in age (22 months apart). I think they would be the best of friends, and I could dress them alike which I think would be adorable! We also wouldn't have to redo the nursery. We would change a few things to make the room the new baby's room instead of Aubrey's room, but we wouldn't have any major changes to make. As much as I love redecorating, I think I have my hands full with the rest of our new house! So, those are a few of the pros for having another girl. However, a boy would be wonderful too! It would be so fun to have a boy since we already have a girl. Both David and I really want a boy at some point before we're done having kids whether we have one this time or not. So I can honestly say that I would be thrilled with a boy or a girl! And YES, we are going to find out! I don't like surprises! Haha.

Have you had a sonogram yet? Are you sure there's just one baby?
I had a sonogram at 7 weeks, and I am planning on posting the pictures soon even though you can't really see much ;o) I am happy to report that there was indeed only one baby. I totally admire mothers of twins because I completely believe that's not something I could handle! I already feel like I'm going to have two babies with Aubrey and this baby being so close together!

Were yall trying to get pregnant or were you surprised?
I can honestly say we were shocked to find out I was pregnant! I can't believe I'm saying that because I've always made fun of married couples who act like they can't figure out why they keep getting pregnant. Ha! We were definitely not trying, but we are super excited and know that our plans are not always God's plans, but His plans are always best!

Did yall move because you found out you were pregnant?
No! We put our house on the market in early October, and I wasn't pregnant at that point. We knew we wanted another baby in the not too distant future, but our plan was to move before I got pregnant. I would never have planned to move in the first trimester of a pregnancy. I don't want to be dramatic and say it's been terrible or anything, but I have been more tired than usual, and moving is tiring by itself! It's been doable though. I actually found out I was pregnant the day we had our home inspection on our old house. Talk about a crazy day! Remember I blogged about that crazy week? Well, I couldn't say so at the time, but one reason it was so crazy was because I also found out I was pregnant! (I found out on Wednesday.)

What about the chicken pox vaccine? Did you ever get that?
If you don't know what I'm taking about, you can read this post as a reminder. Umm, I did get the chicken pox vaccine. You are supposed to get two doses a month apart and wait a month after the second dose before getting pregnant. I'll just go ahead and say that I got pregnant right around the time I got the first dose. Like I said, we were VERY surprised. When I found out I was pregnant, I freaked out. I figured it was going to be awful that I had gotten that vaccine. I felt just horrible that that had happened. My doctor was extremely sweet about it though. She said that because of the timing of when I got the vaccine, she feels very confident that it's going to be ok. Thankfully, I found out I was pregnant before I got the second dose, so I obviously didn't get it after I found out. She said that the vaccine would have been out of my system by the time the baby's most crucial development was going on. I've done a lot of research online too, and apparently there haven't been any recorded instances of the chicken pox vaccine causing serious problems. (At least that I've found, so if you find any, please don't share.) As my sweet OB reminded me though, this baby is in God's hands whether I had gotten the vaccine or not, and there is no place I'd rather my child be! I really have a peace about it, and I'm just not worrying about it. We would appreciate prayers for a healthy baby anyway though! :)

I can't think of anything else right now. Please remind me if I forgot anything! Like I said, we are so excited to add another member to our family! I can't think of any greater blessing than to be able to grow our family. Again, thank you for your sweet comments! We are so thankful for all of YOU! :)


Sarah Denley said...

Um, how about the most important question: WHERE did you find the dress?

I don't know if I've told you, but I CANNOT believe you've done this. I would have been in tears every day and telling Peyton to move everything himself. proud of you.

Tiffany said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to hear all the exciting updates

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Great post - I love the Q and A format. You answered all my questions. HA! I am ready for July to get here so you can tell us all what it's like having 2 kids. It will be so fun to have them close in age.

Paige said...

I so missed your last post! Congrats- Aubrey will be such a good (and cute!) big sister. Can't wait to see your journey through the blog!

J. Henry said...

Sooooo happy for y'all!!!! =D

Nathalie said...

Thanks for the details!! It's going to be so much fun to read about your progress.. Congrats again!! :)

p.s. You're SO lucky to barely have any morning sickness!! I had the worst case of it -- nausea and vomiting morning, noon and night! NOT fun :p.

Big Jen said...

That's my Joy, noticing the news immediately! Congrats Carrie!