Saturday, November 7, 2009

week in review

My friend Sarah Denley does a "Weekly Happenings" post every week where she talks about what she has done all week. I think this is a good idea because it's always fun for me to look back and see what Aubrey and I were up to on any given week. I like to look back in my planner randomly, so I thought it would be a good idea to put it on the blog where I can have a little more detail. I've been meaning to ask Sarah Denley if she cared if I "copied" her and did my own week in review post, but then I realized that Sarah Denley doesn't have the patent on talking about your week, so do I really need to ask her?? Haha, SD! As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

We had a really busy week this week, so I figured now is as good a time as any to start...Oh, and I decided to do my recaps starting with Sunday and going through Saturday since Sunday is technically the first day of the week... and I'm sorry if these posts are really boring! They are mainly just so I can go back and remember what Aubrey and I actually do all week! :o)

Sunday: We went to church and then had lunch at my parents' house. My grandmother came to lunch too, and it had been a while since she had seen Aubrey so that was fun. When we got home we all 3 took a nap. (This is pretty much what we do EVERY Sunday afternoon.) We went back to church on Sunday night, and then we went out to dinner with our friends David and Rebekkah.

Monday: Aubrey and I had lunch with Ashley and Evy. It had been a couple of weeks since we had seen them, so it was fun. Aubrey and Evy seemed to really notice each other for the first time. Ashley and I looked over at them one time and they were holding hands!! No lie. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. Aubrey and I ran a few errands after lunch and then went home so Aubrey could take a nap. We went to karate with David that night and Aubrey, my mom, and I went shopping.

Tuesday: I hosted Bunco at my house Tuesday night, so I pretty much spent the whole day getting ready for that. I had a few "quick" errands to run that morning that ended up taking 2 hours! Note to self: errands are NEVER quick if they involve getting a baby in and out of a car 47 times. Especially if that baby spends the whole time you are shopping fighting you to get down and walk. How did I end up with such an independent child?! Anyway, I spent the rest of the day cooking, cleaning, and setting up. I then spent the evening hosting and playing Bunco. It went well and was really fun even though I didn't win anything :(

Wednesday: Our power was out at home that morning because they were doing some work in our neighborhood, so Aubrey and I left to run some errands. We went and bought invitations for a baby shower I'm helping to give for Rebekkah. The power came back on shortly after we got home and I had fed Aubrey a cold lunch. Of course it would. Wednesday night we went to church.

Thursday: I had my super fun annual doctor's appointment. Whoo. Thankfully, I love my doctor, so it wasn't too bad. It was weird to go form seeing her literally all the time while I was pregnant to only once a year. After my appointment, I went by David's office so he could help me print Rebakkah's shower invitations. Thursday evening, my mom wasn't going to be at karate, so Aubrey and I stayed home and went on a stroll.

Friday: Mistletoe Marketplace! I met Ashley and we went to lunch and then we shopped all day at Mistletoe. Sarah Denley met us later in the afternoon. It was so fun! I bought a cute little dress for Aubrey and a scarf for myself. I could have bought so much more, trust me. It really put me in a Christmas-y mood. I can't believe it will be here so soon! That night David, Aubrey, and I went out to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant.

Saturday: David kept Aubrey and my mom and I went shopping. (This is another thing that will pretty much be the same every week. Sometimes I take Aubrey, sometimes David keeps her.) When I got home, we went to dinner at Mugshots. David wanted to order the Mugshot burger -- it's this huge burger (I think it's like 4 burgers piled on top of each other) and fries. If you clean your plate in 12 minutes (I think) you get it for free. If you don't it's like $20. There is no doubt in my mind that he could have eaten it -- he was starving -- but I would have been mortified if people had stood over us while we ate. I'm sure they wouldn't have, but I just had this image of people surrounding our table chanting while my husband stuffed his face and I tried to eat and feed my baby. He ordered something else. I told him if he wanted to order that sometime he should go with some guys and I would stay home with Aubrey. Ha!

So there you have it... that was our week. I think this week coming up is going to be less busy. We do enjoy staying busy though. And Sarah Denley, thanks for "letting" me copy you... even though you didn't know I was going to! ;o)


Ashley said...

Okay, so now I need to do a weekly happenings post. Hmmm....

Loved doing a Mistletoe Day with you. We've got to do things like that more often....


Sarah Denley said...

You are hilarious! Of course I don't care that you "copied" me! Haha! I'm very flattered and would NEVER try to prevent anyone from chronicling their super interesting mommy activities. I will anxiously await future "weeks in review". also, sun-sat does make more sense. But beware, if you have busy weekends, it's nice to give yourself the extra day...too much pressure makes for a bad recap post! we'll have to have another drive by visit soon!