Monday, November 9, 2009

Like Mom Like Baby

After over a week of sleeping late, Aubrey broke her streak today :( She had been getting up anywhere from 8:30-9. It was sooo nice! Believe me, I enjoyed it while it lasted! Getting up so late also meant she wasn't taking a morning nap, just a nice long afternoon nap. I was actually pretty happy about that too. One nap a day makes it a lot easier to leave the house in the morning, and the long afternoon nap allowed me to get stuff done around the house during that time. But alas, today she was back to waking up at 7. She was not ready to wake up though -- she was GRUMPY. She's just like me -- when she doesn't get enough sleep it doesn't put her in a great mood ;o) When David left the house this morning she was screaming. Nothing I did made her happy. He looked at her with her huge tears running down her face and said, "I don't know who I feel more sorry for -- you or Mommy." Ha! I said he better feel sorry for me. When that's how your husband tells you goodbye, you know it's going to be a LONG day. Actually though, it wasn't terrible -- she slept for over 3 hours this afternoon. I just don't understand why we can't get into a consistent schedule. It's frustrating!

Changing the subject, it looks like Aubrey is going to be a girly girl -- yay! She LOVES shoes. Sometimes when she is screaming (like this morning) I'll go grab her boots and put them on her, and she usually stops crying. That's my girl :) It's too funny. She will also pick up my hair brush and brush her hair. She pulls bows out of her hair, but she tries to put them back on her head after she pulls them out. The other day she found one of my headbands and tried so hard to put it on. She loved preening in front of the mirror. We thought it was hilariously cute.
Of course, we have no idea where she learned this?? ;o)


Ashley said...

I love how you used the word "preening." :)

Anonymous said...

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Tiffany said...

Who wouldnt want to look at that pretty girl!

J. Henry said...

Ok, seriously?! That is just too funny that when she cries, putting on her boots will make her stop!!