Saturday, November 28, 2009

Week in Review: Turkey Week!

We've had a wonderfully full holiday week. Aubrey and I have enjoyed having David home some extra days. I was just telling him tonight that this past week has been really busy, but this coming up week will probably be relatively quiet. It's just a temporary calm though because the next week is MOVING WEEK! Ahh! That means I really need to spend this coming week doing some serious packing! Anyway, here is what we did this week.

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday school and then we had a birthday lunch at my parents' house. We went home and tried to take a nap, but Aubrey refused again. What is it with Aubrey and her aversion to Sunday afternoon naps? That evening we went back to church, and then I went to see "New Moon" with a group of girls from church. The movie was so good, and afterward we went and hung out at one of the girl's house for snacks and girl talk. Fun times! David and Aubrey were fast asleep by the time I got home.

Monday: This was actually my birthday. It was very low-key which was fine with me. It was just a typical Monday which means a little laundry and housework. Monday night we went to karate and the girls (my mom, Aubrey and I) went to Target during class.

Tuesday: Aubrey and I had lunch with Ashley and Sarah Denley and the kiddos. We were going to go to a different restaurant (actually same restaurant, different location) because the one we go to every single week only has two highchairs, and the past couple of time we've been there one of them has already been in use. Annoying since both Aubrey and Evy need highchairs. We have complained about the lack of highchairs (Plus both of the straps are broken -- not a good thing when your child tries to stand up every 5 seconds.) and they are SUPPOSED to be getting new ones. Anyway, all that to say we almost tried a different location, but we didn't... maybe next time. Tuesday night, David and I went on a date for my birthday! It was so fun! We ate at an Italian restaurant -- my favorite! After we ate we went to Barnes and Noble and Anthropologie. We were going to go to Charming Charlie's too, but it was already closed :( Maybe next time. I LOVE dates!

Wednesday: Picture day! Aubrey's pictures were at 9 that morning, and then we came home and both took a nap! David got to come home early that day, and he spent the afternoon getting stuff down from the attic so we can move it to the new house when the time comes. We took our Christmas card pictures late that afternoon, and then we went to Target and Corner Bakery for dinner.

Thursday: Thanksgiving day! We had lunch with David's family. His sister, Sarah, and her husband, Freddy, were in town, along with his brother, Lee, and his friend, Connie. David picked GranFran up and brought her too, so it was a big family lunch! We all got a little drowsy after eating all that turkey :o) That afternoon we went over to my grandparents' house and saw my family and ate another big meal! It was a family-filled day!

Friday: This was only the biggest shopping day of the year! I've already talked about that, but I didn't do anything crazy ;o) No standing in long lines at the crack of dawn for this girl! David kept Aubrey at home -- there was no way I was going to maneuver a stroller among the crazies! After a long day of shopping I came home, and we went to Logan's for dinner. We got awful service. Apparently the table they sat us at didn't have a server assigned to it. After sitting there forever with no waiter, we finally flagged someone down. We finally got a server, but our table wasn't with the rest of his tables, so he kept forgetting about us. At one point David got up and refilled his own glass. Haha! Our waiter was very apologetic, and it really wasn't his fault, so I felt bad for him. After dinner, we had to make a grocery store run.

Saturday: Aubrey and I met my mom and grandmother for lunch at Newks. Then we went shopping at a furniture store. We are going to need a good bit of furniture for the new house, so I was just getting some ideas today. I think I'll go back one day when Aubrey isn't with me! Of course, we won't be buying all the new furniture all at once. After the furniture store we went to Sam's Club. David met me that afternoon to take Aubrey home for her nap, because I had a few more errands to run and she was sleepy! We ended up having to wake her up to go to David's parents house for dinner. Sarah and Freddy aren't going to be back in town for Christmas, so we had an early Christmas with them. Fun times!

So, that was our week. Hopefully by this time next week, I'll be able to report that a LOT of packing has taken place! :o)

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