Friday, October 30, 2009

A Look Back -- Aubrey's First Halloween

We are getting excited about dressing up in our Halloween costume tomorrow for our Trunk or Treat at church! By "we" I mean Aubrey. She will be the only one dressing up unless David hasn't told me about some costume he is planning on pulling out. It wouldn't really surprise me, but I hope not. I'm pretty much a killjoy when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. I don't do it and it kind of embarrasses me when other adults do. Haha.

Since this is Aubrey's second Halloween, I decided to take a look back to this time last year when Aubrey was less than 2 months old.David did actually dress up last year. Kind of. You see, he is actually a black belt, so it wouldn't have technically been dressing up if he wore his karate uniform and his black belt. So he and Aubrey both wore karate uniforms and brown belts. That way they were both dressed up! Hehe. (Please note how TINY she was! I think I need a baby since mine is so huge now!)
I think she totally looks like a little boy in these pictures. This will probably shock you, but David pretty much picked what she would wear last year. A karate uniform probably wouldn't have been my first choice for my little princess to wear on her first Halloween. It did turn out cute though, and lots of people thought it was funny. However, this year I picked some costumes that I liked and my mom ended up making the final decision (since I couldn't decide!) and buying Aubrey's outfit for her. Thanks, Mom! :o) It's going to be so cute, and I can't wait to post pictures tomorrow!

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