Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fun Weekend

We had such a fun weekend! On Friday I went to a ladies' church retreat. I was worried I wouldn't be able to make it after being sick, but I felt completely well by Friday, thankfully! The retreat was so fun. It was on learning to be content, which is something I definitely need to hear. I need to be content in any and all circumstances and find my contentment and joy in Christ and not in possessions or relationships. So, the teaching was great, and it was so fun to hang out with other women. We stayed up WAY too late Friday night. I didn't get to sleep until 2AM. Ugh. I don't do well on little sleep! Haha. It was worth it though. I headed home Saturday, and I was so happy to see David and Aubrey. I don't think Aubrey missed me a bit -- she had so much fun with Daddy! David did great playing Mr. Mom. He even had to get the house ready to show at 9 o'clock Saturday morning all by himself.

Our house has been shown twice this weekend. The people who looked Saturday were looking for the second time. I hope it sells soon, because I'm kind of over this house being for sell thing. Ha. It's only been 3 weeks. It's fine... just a pain to get it ready to show.

The other day I decided it was time to start brushing Aubrey's tooth. (Yes, she still only has one tooth at 13 months old.) I'm a little embarrassed to admit that we haven't been brushing it all along. It honestly just didn't occur to me -- Bad mom! She loves having her tooth brushed though! I think it tickles her gum ;o) We had a very low-key week last week, but Aubrey didn't have to go to the doctor! Yay! A week without getting sick... let's hope it stays that way for a long time!

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