Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Fun

We had a fun, family-filled weekend! David's sisters and their husbands plus little baby Caroline were in town. Aubrey enjoyed seeing her little cousin again. We had to watch her carefully to make sure Aubrey didn't poke out one of Caroline's eyes. She's a little on the rough side :o) This is about the best we could do as far as a picture of the two of them together.
Aubrey had had about enough. Going, going...
Aubrey with her Aunt Sarah. Caroline has gotten so big, but she feels so small to me. It seems like AGES since Aubrey was that little and STILL! :o)
Mommies and babiesAubrey checking out the fun toys at her grandparents' house Sunday.
She loved looking at herself in their glass coffee table.
Aubrey got a little tired during lunch.Is it naptime yet?

In the midst of the family time, our house was shown for the first time on Saturday. We didn't get to all of the improvements on our list before it was shown, but we are still working on them. We were running a little late the day of the showing -- I left the house with Aubrey still in her pajamas and got her dressed in a parking lot before lunch with my mom and grandmother. David took our dog, Knightly, on a walk while they were looking at our house. He said as soon as Aubrey and I left, he went out to get Knightly to leave. As he was coming through the fence with the dog he saw their cars in our driveway. He went behind our house so they didn't see him. I would have been mortified if we had still been at home when they got there! It was an odd experience knowing someone was at my house literally critiquing it. I mean, that's what you do when you look at a house. I guess it's just weird to know that potential buyers look in EVERY nook and cranny. I think it would be different if we weren't living in the house -- they are seeing my clothes in my closet, my food in my pantry, the way I have my house decorated... everything! It's just odd. But it will be worth it if our house sells! I'll get over the weirdness! :o)

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