Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Fun

We had such a good weekend! It all started Friday after David got home from work. We were all three playing in Aubrey's room when the door bell rang. I didn't think much of it, and David went to answer the door. In walked my mom and two of my brothers. I was so surprised and asked them what they were doing. They said they were just "in the neighborhood." Yeah right! David then told me that they had come to watch Aubrey because we were going on a date! I was so happy and surprised! We rarely have time alone since Aubrey was born -- we usually just take her everywhere with us, and that's the way we love it. But every couple needs date nights every once in a while, whether you're parents or not! So we got all of Aubrey's stuff together because my mom said they were taking her over to their house to watch her (which I thought was a little strange). My mom said it was so Aubrey could see my oldest brother who was home from college for the weekend, and David and I would just pick her up after our date.(I told David I wish I had know we were going on a date, and I would have tried to look a litte cuter! Haha!)

David and I went to The Renaissance, an outdoor mall that I LOVE. We walked around and window shopped (David was sweet enough to do this with me -- this isn't necessarily his favorite pastime.) We then ate dinner and went to Barnes and Noble. I'm totally a coffee shop/bookstore kind of girl! I love hanging out at bookstores and drinking coffee! Again, I don't think this is David's favorite thing to do, but he was so sweet to make this date fun for me by doing the things I like to do :o) We hung out at Barnes and Noble for a while, and then I said we should probably head back so Aubrey wasn't up too much past her bedtime. David asked me if I wanted to see a movie at 9:50. I told him I thought that was way too late for Aubrey to be up since we had to pick her up at my parents'. He said not to worry about her, she could just go to bed. Then it clicked in my mind that Aubrey was spending the night at my parents' house! For some reason I was shocked. I kept asking questions like, "Did you send her pajamas?" or "Did you send something for her to eat for breakfast?" Haha. I sounded like such a paranoid mom! David finally said I didn't sound very happy! I was happy though, and I decided to quit worrying about Aubrey (after I called my mom and checked on her!) and just enjoyed the rest of the night!

We ended up trying to go see "Julie and Julia" but they were having problems with that screen, so we didn't get to see it afterall. I kind of wanted to see "The Time Travelers Wife" but I was worried it would be too depressing. I've decided that I'm done with sad, depressing movies. There is too much real sadness in the world to depress myself with movies. (I might change my mind and see it when it comes out on DVD though!) So we ended up just renting "New in Town" and watching it at home. It was CHEESY! I don't recommend it! Haha. We should have gotten "Taken" instead, but I didn't know if it would be a little too intense? Man, I sound picky! :o) We enjoyed being able to watch a movie with the volume turned up though! Usually we're worried about waking Aubrey up and have to strain to catch what they're saying.

We got to sleep late on Saturday, which was SO NICE! My mom brought Aubrey home before lunch and said she did great and had a ton of fun playing with her uncles! Aubrey didn't sleep very well though. I think she ended up spending most of the night sleeping in my mom's lap in the rocking chair, and she apparently woke up at 5:30AM. Needless to say, she was exhausted by the time she got home. She slept for over 4 hours yesterday afternoon! But coming home exhausted is to be expected after a slumber party, right?? :o) I know I always came home and crashed after slumber parties -- we're staring her a little early though!

I'm just so thankful to my sweet husband for planning this little surprise break for us! It was so fun, and it meant so much to me that he would do that! :o)


Rebecca said...

What a nice surprise! What a great husband you have!

Jennifer Henry said...

That is SO sweet of him (and your mom!).

ps.... I really loved "taken"!

The Williams Family said...

She was so much fun. We'll be glad to have her anytime! Sorry that she didn't sleep good, but sounds like she made up for it!

Ashley said...

What a fun time! :) you deserved it!

Carrye said...

Taken is really good. It isn't that intense; it is sort of comical. Y'all should see that one next time:)

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Oh that is awesome! I look forward to having a night alone with my husband one day soon.