Sunday, August 23, 2009


We've had a pretty boring week, I must admit. Monday we had a fun lunch with Ashley and Sarah Denley, but it was pretty much downhill from there on the activity scale. We hung around the house for the most part the rest of the week. Sometimes it's good to have weeks like that where you just stay home and get things done. The only problem is that I didn't get much done. You see, Aubrey made a big decision last week without consulting her mother first: She dropped her morning nap! I do NOT support this decision at all! I'm still holding out hope that it's been a fluke week, but she didn't take a morning nap at all this past week, so it's not looking good. SO... she's been waking up around 7:45AM (no complaints there!) and not going down for a nap until about 1:30PM. Now hopefully yall know that I adore playing with Aubrey and hanging out with her, but almost 6 hours straight with no nap is a long time to entertain a very active crawler! Plus, she gets tired and grumpy during the time she should be taking her morning nap, but she just refuses to sleep. This causes me to get nothing done since I'm trying to keep her happy. It's quite frustrating. Hopefully this week we'll get back to our schedule. If I've learned anything over the past year of being a mom though, it's that just as soon as we settle into a nice schedule it changes!

I have to share this cute video. Yesterday while she was eating lunch, Aubrey was being adorable and really performing for David and me. Of course, as soon as David got the camera, she was fascinated by it and kind of quit performing. But we still got some cute videos :o)

I love her little voice! It's a good thing I do, because I hear a LOT of it! ;o)

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Big Jen said...

How cute that she mimics you! I LOVE IT!