Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aubrey's Fall Fashion

We've been having some gorgeous weather here the past several days. It's been cool (relatively speaking) with little humidity and bright and sunny. It's really been getting me excited about fall. I was shopping the other day and was looking at all of the fall clothes and really wanting to break out my boots and scarves. Towards the end of any season I always get so tired of my clothes from that particular season. In my mind I have all of these super cute fall/winter clothes that I can't wait to wear... truthfully, I'll be tired of sweaters in no time when it's actually winter and will be longing for sun dresses and flip flops. Haha. Anyway, I've been working on Aubrey's fall wardrobe, because she literally doesn't have any winter clothes. She's going to be such a stylish little toddler! When I buy these clothes for her I have to remind myself that by the time she wears them she'll be walking! SO WEIRD. I've been getting her lots of sweater dresses to wear with tights. I got really into sweater dresses for myself last winter (they weren't very practical though, since I was nursing at the time) and I think they're so cute for Aubrey too. I think the perfect little shoe to wear with these dresses and tights is a baby UGG style boot. Of course, when I say UGG style, I mean a cheap-o knockoff from Target. I think these are super cute.

How cute would those boots be with a little sweater dress and tights?? My grandmother is giving Aubrey an adorable argyle sweater dress for her birthday (I looked for a picture but couldn't find one) that these boots would be PERFECT with. How preppy, right??

*NOTE: I don't know if Aubrey would be able to walk in these kinds of shoes. I'm sure there is some rule about walking babies not wearing boots. I will definitely check into that before I get them!*

Anyway, the only problem with these precious little shoes is that David thinks they're ridiculous looking. He HATES UGG boots, and he doesn't think they're any cuter in a mini size. Now, I have to agree that it looks pretty silly when teenage girls (or adult women for that matter) wear UGG boots in the sweltering heat with soffe shorts and t-shirts. BUT, for a little girl in the winter with tights? I think that's precious! So, my question is: Do you think Aubrey would be cute in these boots or look stupid?? Please know that if I find out that she can, in fact, walk in these boots, I've made up my mind that they're adorable and I will be getting them. But I'd still like some confirmation that they're super cute! ;o)


Nathalie said...

Totally cute!! ...and this comes from a girl who doesn't wear UGG boots! I'm also intrigued by these sweater dresses. They sound adorable! I hope you post some pictures of the whole outfit someday!!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

I think she'd be so cute! My Evie might need some too.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Sarah says:
I think that it is hilarious and cute =D I remember when i used to wear boots in high school and david would say it was stupid. It's not dumb to wear them with pants or a skirt in the winter! ps: i still wear boots from time to time but have never owned a pair of ugg boots.

Paige said...

Carrie- If you would let me know your colors- or send me a pic of your bag- I would LOVE to make you a tag. My gift to you- I am thinking about opening up an etsy shop, so maybe you could help spread the word on your blog!!!

The Williams Family said...

I think that Aubrey will be cute cute in her ugg boots with her sweater dress. But she's cute in everything she wears!!