Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Odds and Ends

We've been having a very low-key week so far. By low-key I mean that we've done absolutely nothing. It seems activities always come in waves -- last week we had something to do everyday. It looks like we're going to have to hang around the house for the rest of the week too, because Aubrey is getting sick again :( We were just at the doctor 2 weeks ago with a fever virus. This time she has a runny nose and fever. I'm hoping to avoid the a visit to the doctor this time, but we shall see. Please pray that she gets over this quickly because she did not sleep much last night. Poor baby just couldn't breathe. Sorry to be whining about lack of sleep lately! :/ We got some saline drops today, so hopefully we'll all get more sleep tonight!

Check out these cute pictures we took in the car the other day. Don't freak out -- I was driving while David took the pictures. We must be pretty obsessed with our new camera and our baby to take pictures while driving down the road, huh? Ha! No, we didn't plan it (although we are pretty in love with our girl!) ... Aubrey just looked so cute trying to peek at her Mommy and Daddy and join in our conversation we had to snap a few :o)

In other news, I've been planning Aubrey's little birthday party. I can't believe it's next month! I ordered her an adorable little outfit on Etsy. Hopefully it'll be cute in person and fit her! I've also been looking at cakes online. I want a small tiered cake, but that's all I've decided so far. By the way, her party isn't going to be over-the-top crazy. I realize this is just her first birthday, and she won't remember any of it. But I want it to be cute and fun, so it will be :o) It's going to be simple and small though. Just a sweet celebration of our precious baby. We can't wait!

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Ashley said...

I bet the outfit is so cute. I miss you two girls!