Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Aubrey 8.5

Aubrey is eight and a half months old today. She seems to be getting longer (taller?), so I'm curious to see what she measures. We're going to measure and weigh her this evening.

I've put a bunch of new pictures on the picasa. There are several from Monday night when we were at the Williams house and Aubrey was playing with her grandparents.

Aubrey's first food experience didn't go so well. We gave her mushed up banana. It was like she didn't know what to do with it. She kind of gagged like she was dry heaving a little and then spit it out. It was funny. I think that's the first time I've ever seen her not put something in her mouth.

Last night we let Aubrey and Knightly play together. He was very gentle and good. I would tell him to lay down and then put her on his back while Carrie took pictures. He wouldn't look at the camera though because he was turned around looking at Aubrey. He liked to roll over onto his back so that he could be laying down and look at Aubrey too. I was worried about his feet hitting her when he was moving around. But Aubrey reached out and grabbed his foot and put it in her mouth! So she won't eat a banana, but she'll eat a dog's foot.

Last night we were watching TV, and Aubrey was sitting in Carrie's lap. She grabbed a hold of the blanket on the couch and started playing peek-a-boo by herself. She would pull the blanket up over her head and then pull it back down really fast. It was so funny. She did it for a long time.

David Howie


Carrie and David said...

My mom is going to LOVE that you're now calling her "Ya-Ya." It's going to stick, and it'll be your fault that she's forever known as Ya-Ya. Ha!

Kendra! :) said...

Hey Carrie! Glad you found my blog! You can see I don't keep it updated. Hopefully, I will do better this summer. :) I love reading about your happy little family.