Friday, March 27, 2009

my turn

I haven't posted in a while, so it's about a variety of things.

We had a great ski trip with the Arants last week for 'spring break' (I got asked a couple of times if this was my spring break - cracks me up). We went to Keystone, CO. It was bright and sunny and warm the whole time. I'm sure glad we're not out there now with 'historic' blizzards predicted. I'm sure David is glad too since he was our driver.

David and I skied together, and I think we made good partners. We liked skiing the same types of runs and skied about the same speed, so we weren't waiting on each other. And Rebekkah and Carrie made good partners too - they went to the spa and the outlet mall. We also all played games together in the evenings at the condo. Very fun.

Knightly is doing well. Just before we left, I got 10 little ornamental trees (like dogwood and crepe myrtle types). It was some kind of promotion thing. I figured I'd plant them all and hopefully a few would turn out. Within 2 days, Knightly had pulled up all but one. As of now it's still back there, but it looks like it's not growing any. Thanks for leaving the dud, Knightly.

Aubrey is still growing up. She stayed with Johnny and Amanda while we were gone, and they said she did great. She's a pretty happy baby (as long as she's had her nap). Now she wants to see everything - and preferably bang it and put it in her mouth. She's sitting up a little bit but can't stay up long. She loves to eat - applesauce, sweet potatoes, green beans, bananas, anything. And best of all, she's sleeping through the night. We've only had one bad night since we've been home, and when I went across the house I heard Knightly howling. Don't know what was up with that. The only thing I can think is the weather.

The big news in the house is our new floors. Carrie has always wanted hardwood in the living room. We ordered the wood (technically it's bamboo) in early February, and it came in pretty fast. But the trim was on back order. Finally last week they said the T-mold (goes between the wood and tile) was in. The quarter round (goes on the baseboards) still didn't have a ship date, so I just cancelled it and got it from Lowe's. But when I went to get the T-mold, it was the wrong color. We went ahead and had the floor put down, but the guy will have to come back when the T-mold comes in. But it looks pretty good I think. Here are some before and after pictures. What do you think?

One nice thing about when we did it is the the great weather outside. This was good because we had all the windows open for 2 days to air out the glue smell.

So that's what's going on. God is good.

David Howie

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The Williams Family said...

So glad the trip was fun. Aubrey was great for us and I think we all missed her when she left. The floors are great and I love the new furniture arrangement.
Everything looks much better in person though!