Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hey! What's that?!

Aubrey is really starting to notice more things going on around her. Yesterday was such a pleasant day (about 75 degrees) that I took her outside for a while after I got home from work. I put a leash on Knightly just so I would have a convenient handle if I needed one. I was holding Aubrey facing out, and Knightly was dragging his leash around. He would try to bite it and throw it off. He looked like a bronco at the rodeo. Aubrey would turn her head as he ran back and forth and look down at him when he got close to us. Wherever he went, she would turn her head. And when he jumped real big, she would wave her hands and laugh. It was too cute.

Hopefully they'll be buds.

David Howie


The Williams Family said...

I'm sure they'll adore each other and be the best of friends. But he needs to learn to be less "excited" or she'll just love him through the windows like her mom!

Jennifer Henry said...

So adorable! :)

Jennifer Henry said...

I've tagged you in my most recent post. No pressure though if you don't want to do it! (or if you've aleady done something like this).

Have a great week!