Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Eye infections and cereal confusion

We haven't been doing much blogging lately because there is really nothing new going on around here. I've been a little under weather with a cold. Nothing too bad, just a very annoying cough. Thankfully, Aubrey hasn't caught it! She has had an eye infection though. Not really sure what causes it, but this is her second one. Last month she had it in her right eye, and now she has it in her left eye. The doctor called in some drops last time that cleared it right up. When she started coming down with it this time, we started using the drops again but it just wasn't getting any better. I ended up taking her to the doctor - they wanted to check her ears. Her ears were fine, and the doctor said to just keep using the drops. (It isn't pink eye, by the way. It's not even contagious, it just looks yucky.) Anyway, it's still not gone and it was Thursday when I took her to the doctor. We've used the drops as long as we're supposed to. I'll probably end up having to call the doctor again.

One very surprising thing when I took her to the doctor was her weight! I had taken her for her 4 month checkup 10 days earlier and she was 14lbs, 4oz. This time she was 14lbs, 12oz! The nurse even weighed her twice to double check that. She gained 8 ounces in 10 days! She's just my little porker...

We've tried giving Aubrey rice cereal twice now. It's pretty amusing. I really don't think she knows what to do with it. I think she's still a little young for it. When I give it to her, she can't really figure out how to swallow it. So I give her a week and try it again. I'm very confused about the topic of rice cereal anyway. Everything I read says something different about when to give a baby cereal. Aubrey's pediatrician said to give it to her now and wait until 6 months to give her any baby food. Apparently the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) doesn't even agree with itself on this issue (according to my favorite baby book). The nutrition section of the AAP says you can give your baby cereal at 4 months, but the Breastfeeding part recommends waiting until 6 months if you are nursing, which I am. Aubrey's doctor knows I'm nursing and she still said to go ahead. So I'm so confused!! One thing that everyone does seem to agree on is that if you give your baby food this young, it's not for nutrition. They still need to get their nutrition from breast milk or formula. It's really just for "fun" or to get them used to eating with a spoon. So there's my dilemma. Who do you listen to? Any thoughts and/or opinions are welcome!


Rebecca said...

I hope Aubrey gets over her eye infection soon!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the encouragement! I will be praying for Aubrey and her eye!
On the topic of rice cereal...I was soo totally confused by the whole thing as well when I started. Charlotte did not like it at all and really had no clue..so I thought. Then someone told me to mix a #1 baby food fruit..like applesauce with it and girl she ate that stuff up like there was no tomorrow! Try mixing it with applesauce...I swear you will be totally surprised! Good luck!