Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reasons I'm ready to have my baby!

I can not believe that Aubrey is due in LESS than 3 weeks. Sometimes it feels like I have been pregnant forever, but other days it seems like just the other day I was looking at that little blue line on the home pregnancy test and freaking out. Pregnancy has been a wonderful journey for me and I wouldn't change anything about my pregnancy. Well, maybe I would have exercised more and gained less weight. But there's always next time, right? Anyway, as I near the end of my pregnancy, everyone is asking me if I'm ready. My answer is YES! As much as I've enjoyed this pregnancy, I'm ready to meet my baby. That is what I'm looking forward to the most. I thought I would list some other things I'm looking forward to though.

~I'm excited to see David and Aubrey together. I feel like I know her and have a connection with her already. Obviously, David loves her already too, but fathers don't really get to "bond" with the baby before it's born like mothers do. He feels my belly, and talks to her, but that is really all he can do at this point. I can't wait to watch him hold her and see the love a father has for his little girl in his eyes. I think seeing David love our baby will just make me love him all the more.

~I'm excited to be able to breath again! I get winded so easily these days. It's annoying. They say when the baby drops you'll know it because you can finally take a deep breath again. Well, I'm guessing she hasn't dropped because I still can't breathe! I feel like she is pressing into my lungs sometimes. It's frustrating to have to stop and take a deep breath in mid-conversation. Oh well, I guess that's just part of it.

~I'm excited to be able to shop for clothes at regular stores again! I'm so tired of Motherhood and Target! Better yet, I'm ready to be able to "shop" for clothes in my own closet! (David will love that!) After not wearing my regular clothes for so long, I'll feel like all my old clothes are new! Although I fear my hips will never be the same again. I may have to get new jeans. These last few weeks, I'm literally down to about 4 shirts that still semi-fit me. I've outgrown all the others! I haven't bought anything else because I don't want to buy something I'm only going to be wearing for a few weeks, Lord willing!

~I'm so ready to get the birthing behind me. It'll be so nice to just know that she's here, and I made it through! I have been reading birthing stories online. Some of them are really encouraging, and some of them not so much. But it's good to know what I can possibly expect. I'm just worried I won't know when to go to the hospital! I don't want to go too soon, and I don't want to go too late to get an epidural... There are just so many unknowns!

~I'm excited about trying all of Aubrey's little clothes on her. I've been washing her clothes the past couple of days and I'm realizing all over again that she has some CUTE clothes! I feel like she's going to be my little doll to dress up. I'm so glad I'm having a girl!

Well, these are just a few of the things I'm looking forward to. Like I said, I'm most looking forward to seeing and holding my baby! I can't wait to meet her!


Rebecca said...

You'll have to take tons of pictures of her in those cute clothes!
I was looking at your baby countdown and it said "only 20 days to go". Wow!

Ashley said...

How exciting :o)

KTElltt said...

I'm excited to meet her too!!! I bet you'll get to the hospital in plenty of time -- especially with this being your first baby. It's going to be so much fun!

The Williams Family said...

We're all ready for you to have your baby, too and can't wait to meet her! This is one of the most exciting times of my life! I love you!