Sunday, July 13, 2008

Crib Bedding!

I took our crib bedding to get monogrammed last week, and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. We decided to just have an "H" monogrammed instead of Aubrey's full monogram so we will be able to use this bedding again if we have more girls. So, I thought now would be a good time to post pictures of the bedding before it's in the bed. It will probably be easier to see this way. Isn't it so cute!? I'm really happy with it. I looked at bedding online for literally months without finding anything that I really liked. I was beginning to think I was just too picky! But I love the bedding we got and I will love it for years to come. The monogram is chocolate brown, by the way. It looks almost black in the picture. I think the brown is going to look really good with the dark furniture.

Speaking of the furniture, it's still not in. I'm trying to be patient though! I can't wait to see the room come together. We also have a precious little white chandelier with prisms on order too.

So in the next nine weeks we have to: Put the furniture together when it comes in. Buy a mattress for the crib so we can put the bedding in the crib. Hang the chandelier when it comes in. Make drapes for the windows (I've already bought the fabric). Get accessories for the room, like lamps, wall art, picture frames, etc. I think that about covers it. Well, that's just the stuff we have to do for her room. There's lots of other stuff to do, but I try not to overwhelm myself thinking about all of it! :-)

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KTElltt said...

It's fun watching it all come together! I thought it was so beautiful the other day when I was down at your mom's house! Very pretty fabric. I wouldn't stress too much over the smaller details. As long as Aubrey has a place to rest, she'll be ok. :)