Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Am I showing yet?

My friends who live out of town have been asking me if I'm showing yet. That's a hard question to answer because of course I think any weight I gain is very obvious, but with regular clothes on, I'm not sure if it's obvious to others yet.

So, I thought I would let you decide for yourselves. Ever since we found out we're having a baby, David has been taking my picture every Sunday night. I thought I would post a couple of them. I won't post them all because there is not much change from week to week, but when you look at the first one and the most recent one, there is a big change. In my opinion. The first picture was taken at about 5 weeks pregnant, and the second one was at 10 weeks pregnant.

I have to include in this post a story from the other night. My 10 year old little brother, Joel, ran up to me at church and gave me a big hug. He pulled back quickly with wide eyes and said, "Carrie! Your stomach is HUGE!" Gee thanks. He tried to redeem himself by adding, "I mean, the only reason I noticed it was because you used to be skinny." Haha. It's ok... this is the one time in my life when I get a little excited when I hear that my stomach is "huge." Although I don't know if I would go THAT far... my only question is, if Joel thinks my stomach is huge now, what in the world is he going to think in 6 months?


Anonymous said...

You know boys, they just blurt out whatever they're thinking! You are not huge and Joel will definitely change his opinion over the next months!


Carrie and David said...

Yes, they do blurt out whatever they're thinking! Good thing I'm used to it... and I'm sure Joel will change his opinion. He will learn the true definition of huge!

katie.elliott said...

That is so funny that Joel said that! I had to get really, really close to you to notice the bump at all. You're still so thin! I'm actually jealous of you in BOTH pictures! HA! You look wonderful, and I'm sure you'll look wonderful all the way through. I think pregnant women are so beautiful. It's like they're just doing exactly what God made them for -- continuing life. Oh! By the way, I make some wonderful high-carb foods. Y'all will have to come eat dinner with us again soon. And you can even pick what I make for desert!

Carrie and David said...

Aw, you're sweet, Katie! I think it will be fun to have the big belly, I just don't like the awkward stage where you just look chunky. Haha. But it's worth it. We would love to come have dinner with yall again. I know anything you cook would be great - I've never tasted anything you've cooked that wasn't! :)

Ashley said...

I see a little belly in the second picture....but you're still cute and little everywhere else!