Friday, August 15, 2014

Five on Friday

1. We haven't started school yet, but we'll be starting soon. Aubrey and Jude's 2 day a week school won't start until after Labor Day, but we're supposed to start homeschooling on Monday. Our books haven't come in yet, though. They're supposed to get here tomorrow, so we'll see if we can get started on time! I'm excited to jump in, but I also feel really unprepared. Even if our books do get here by Monday, I feel like I need to take some time to really look through them and get familiar with the curriculum. I'm really excited about what we're going to be using. I've heard GREAT things about these books, so I'm hoping for a good year! I'm sure I'll blog more about our homeschool routine once we actually establish a routine :)

2. So, things are a little crazy on the house selling front. We had actually decided to rent our old house, and we found someone who wanted to rent it for 6 months. It seemed like it was going to be an IDEAL rental situation. Renting wasn't our first choice by any means, but we had come to terms with it and were actually so relieved to have this option. So, we signed a lease. And then we got an offer to buy our house the next day. OMG. We were really at a loss as to what we should even do. We ended up talking to our potential tenant to see if he would let us out of the lease. He's going to take a few days to see if he can find something else and then let us know. But part of me is really scared to take this risk. We have someone who DEFINITELY wants to rent and someone who probably wants to buy our house. (We learned the hard way that just because you get an offer or even a contract on your house does NOT mean that it's sold.) So, I'm just terrified that both of these will fall though and then we'll be left with nothing. We're just praying for wisdom and that God would absolutely show us which way to go. I'm just sick of thinking about this house! :/

3. Things are going well in the adoption world. I know I haven't mentioned that lately, and it's NOT because it's forgotten or on the back burner. We are moving right along in the process; I just want to be really respectful of everyone's privacy, and I'm just careful about what I put on the internet regarding our adoption right now. But I hope to have a fun update to share in the not too distant future! :)

4. I'm so excited to be finishing up the Whole30 next week! It's been a good experience, but I'm more than ready to be done ;) My friend Megan and I are going to do some Paleo freezer meals together, so that will be nice! We are each going to cook 4 Paleo meals that we'll double and freeze. Then we'll each keep 4 of the meals that we cooked and trade out the other 4. So, we'll both end up with 8 meals in our freezer. We're thinking that we'll use 2 freezer meals each week, so that should last us a month. This is a total experiment - I've never really done freezer meals before - so it might be a flop. But I'm excited to give it a try! The thought of grabbing a healthy meal out of my freezer a couple of times a week and just throwing it in the crockpot sounds REALLY appealing, especially when the busyness of fall hits.

5. I ordered some curtains from IKEA the other day. I had mentioned on the blog that I wanted to try them, but I was afraid that they'd be too sheer. A couple of people pointed out that I could always sew/velcrow/iron in some lining if they don't block light enough. I thought that was a great idea! So, I ordered two sets to try out. I'm excited to finally get something up on a few windows! I had to pay $15 to have the curtains shipped here, so I better love them! Ha! Even with the crazy shipping, I still spent less than I would have if I had bought them anywhere else.

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