Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekly Highlights

Last week was really fun because I made an effort to get out and do a few fun things with the kids. At the beginning of the summer, it was my plan to get us out to do stuff outside more often, but we just get busy with our "everyday" tasks, and it doesn't always happen. With summer drawing to a close pretty soon, I'm more motivated to get us out before we have to start school. Last week was a little hard in the parenting department, though. I just feel like a couple of my kids are going through tough stages right now, and when they're all melting down and throwing temper tantrums at the same time, sometimes I just want to join them. I'm just praying for wisdom as I deal with them and attempt to point them to Jesus, and I'm praying that these stages pass quickly! ;)

We had a normal morning at church on Sunday. When we got home, I cooked Shepard's pie for lunch. We napped that afternoon and went back to church that evening. After church, we ate dinner at Jason's Deli. I got an email that night reminding me about a parents' meeting at Aubrey and Jude's school the next morning. I had forgotten all about it and hadn't lined up childcare. Oops!

We got ready for the meeting on Monday morning. I knew it wouldn't work for me to take all three kids with me, so David said he could handle Alaina if I would take the other two. I dropped Alaina off with David, and Aubrey, Jude, and I headed to their school. The meeting was really good, and Aubrey and Jude did surprisingly well. Especially considering that it was right in the middle of their lunchtime. I was proud of them. I drove through Chick Fil A and got them some lunch on the way home. (I had started the Whole30 that day and was about ready to chew off my arm by the time we got home. Smelling those French fries and chicken nuggets didn't help.) David met us at home with Alaina, and we went back to work. I got the kids down for naps, and then I did some cleaning and some reading. That evening, David took Jude and Alaina to buy a new lawn mower while Aubrey and I stayed home and cooked dinner. We had a Whole30 friendly dinner. I went for a walk that night after dinner while David bathed the kids.

We went to Bible study on Tuesday morning.
Jude put these shoes and socks on himself. Some battles aren't worth fighting.
When we got home, we ate lunch and played until naptime. I got on the internet while the kids rested. David came home from work that afternoon long enough for me to cook dinner (baked fish and salad for me and leftovers for everyone else), and then he had to go to a deacon's meeting. The kids and I left the house the same time that he did, and we went to a splash pad at an outdoor mall. The kids had fun playing! After they got tired of the water, we dried off and changed their clothes, and then we went to Barnes and Noble so that they could play with the train table. We ran in Fresh Market before heading home. I started getting all of the kids to bed as soon as we got home. Jude was sitting on the stairs having an epic meltdown over some unknown thing when David got home. Whew! I let him take over at that point :)

On Wednesday morning, we got ready and I packed lunches for us. We went to Target and got some essentials, and then we ran by our old house. After that, we went to a little park in our old neighborhood, and we had a picnic lunch. The kids had fun playing until it was time head home.
A little Lara Bar snack in the car. Mmm.
My big girl!
We stopped at Kroger to get some fruit, and then we came home for rest time. While the kids napped, I cleaned up the house for small group. David got home, and I cooked a pizza for the kids. I took them to the nursery at church, and then I came back home for small group. We had a bigger group this time, and it was good! When it was over, David picked up the kids and we put them to bed.

We went to tutoring on Thursday morning, and then the kids and I played on the playground for a while. After that, we went to McAlister's for free tea day :)
The kids ate lunch there, and then I put them down for naps when we got home. And then I ate my lunch. We had a low-key afternoon, and David came home that evening. We got ready and met my family and my grandparents for dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. My dad's birthday was Saturday, so we were celebrating early :) We had fun! We bathed the kids and put them down for bed when we got home.

I had planned to stay home and have a low-key day on Friday, and then our downstairs air conditioner went out. Of course. We had been on the go everyday, and then the one day we were staying home, it was hot. It was bearable because our upstairs air was still working, so we spent a lot of time up there. I needed a day at home to get some stuff done. By the time David got home from work, I was ready to get OUT, though. We ate dinner at Jason's Deli, and then we went to several stores and just browsed. We came home and got the kids to bed, and then David and I watched the second Bourne movie.

I had another meeting at the kids' school on Saturday morning, so I had to get up earlier than I prefer :-/ The meeting was good, but SO LONG. I had to leave before it was over at around 12:15 because I was starving and I had to meet David somewhere at 1. I went to Beagle Bagel and got a salad for lunch, and then David and I met with our realtor to discuss some options for our old house. David then went home to relieve my mom and grandmother who were keeping the kids, and I went to Kroger and Whole Foods. When I got home, I unloaded groceries and got the kids dressed for dinner. My grandmother had ordered pizza, and we went over to her house to celebrate my dad's birthday. We had a lot of fun!
We came home and bathed the kids and put them to bed.

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