Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekly Highlights

In a way, last week felt busy but in reality, it was pretty low-key. I guess I've just had a lot on my mind lately, which makes things feel more hectic than they really are. Anyway, it was a good week, and I think it was finally a picture of what a "typical summer week" is going to look like for us. Oh, and I took hardly ANY pictures. So, sorry for a post with no pics. It doesn't seem worth the effort to upload for literally 2 pictures.

We went to church and Sunday school on Sunday. When we got home, I cooked a bunch of vegetables for lunch. After eating out a ton the week before, I felt like we all needed a little detox. Haha. We went back to church that night, and then we met David's parents for dinner at Jason's Deli. We had fun catching up with them and telling them about our trip. That night, David and I moved our furniture back into our living room since our floors had had plenty of time to dry.

Monday was super low-key but extremely productive. Our whole house was COVERED in dust from where they had sanded our hardwoods the week before. I literally had to wipe down everything in our house. It took basically all day, but it felt good to start getting our house back in order after having it in such a state of disarray for so long. I also did laundry. The kids just played, watched a movie, and bickered. :-/ David came home that evening, and we had a nice night at home. I cooked, and we ate outside. After dinner, David bathed the kids, and I went on a walk with Knightly (our boxer). I got home and we put the kids to bed. I then read my Bible study homework.

On Tuesday, we got ready and went to church for Bible study. It was good! We hung out at church for a little while afterwards, and my kids played with my dad in the gym. We then headed home and ate lunch. I got the kids down for naps and then straightened up the house. That afternoon, I got dinner cooking, and then David got home and our adoption case worker came by. She had some stuff for us to fill out. After she left, David had to run to church for a meeting. Thankfully, he was only gone for about an hour, and he got home right as dinner was ready. We ate outside again, and Knightly and I went on another walk. The rest of the night was uneventful.

The kids and I had a low-key morning at home on Wednesday. My mom had been at church tutoring, so she stopped by to see our new floors late morning. She ended up staying for a while. The kids were WILD. Like, bouncing off the walls. It was driving me crazy, so I knew we needed to get out. We decided to go to Beagle Bagel for lunch, and my mom joined us. We sat outside, and it was fun! I put the kids down for naps when we got home, and then I baked some cookies for small group that night. When David got home, we fed our kids pizza for dinner, and then we dropped them off in the nursery at church and headed to small group. We're meeting in homes, and it was great! I enjoyed our group and our discussions. We picked the kids up after it was over and headed home for bed.

We had to be at church for tutoring first thing on Thursday morning. Amazingly, we made it on time! Tutoring went well. We're mostly focusing on reading. So, the boys in my group just took turns reading a book out loud and then they wrote a summary of the story. After it was over, the kids and I went over to Megan's house for lunch. They had just moved a week earlier, and we were so excited to see their new house! We loved it, and we especially love that it's so close to our house! We had so much fun, but we left when the kids were all melting down and ready for their naps ;) Thursday night was more of the same: eating dinner outside and taking Knightly on a walk. I have to say that I'm loving my evening walks. I'm not one of those people who enjoys exercising. At all. But it's so nice to have that time by myself at the end of the day to just pray or be alone with my thoughts. I hope that's a habit that I can stick with.

We needed to make a big Target run, so Friday was the day! The only thing that I miss about our old house is its proximity to Target. Haha! We stocked up on everything we needed, and then the kids and I ate lunch at McAlisters. When we got home, it was naptime. That evening, we went to dinner at Jaco's Tacos. That isn't David's favorite place, but I LOVE it. When we got home, we put the kids to bed, and then David and I watched Becoming Jane. I had forgotten how depressing that movie is. (Ok, maybe depressing is a strong word. But I don't like it when they don't "end up together." ;))

Some friends of ours from Sunday school were going to a funeral in Alabama on Saturday, so David and I were keeping their two little girls for them. They dropped them off around 8:15, and we had a fun day! Having 5 kids running around was interesting. Haha! David and I basically just took turns watching the kids all day. I'm always on high alert when I'm watching other people's kids. After lunch, we got everyone settled for a rest time. I tried to put the youngest little girl down in a pack n play, but she wasn't having it. I got her out and sat on the couch with her, and she immediately fell asleep with her head in my lap. So, I sat on the couch and read on my kindle for the next 2 1/2 hours. After everyone was up, I put on makeup and got ready, and then I started cooking some potatoes. Our friends came and picked their girls up around 6. My mom came over to watch our kids at 6:15, and David and I went to "Dinners 8." It's something we're doing with our church. We got divided into groups of 8, and we'll have dinner with this group once a month for several months. We had fun! It's always nice to hang out with people who we know but might not would have otherwise gotten together with. We got home, and my mom left. I did some ironing and went to bed.

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Whitney said...

Can't wait to see your new floors! I'm sure they are worth the mess now that they are done and you can clean. We had some drywall places fixed last summer and just the work in those few spaces sent dust everywhere.