Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekly Highlights

I'm a little late with this post this week. Let's see if I can remember any highlights from last week....

Our kids were still under the weather last Sunday. Aubrey was feeling better, so she and I went to church that morning. Our mission's conference was still going on, and we had a guest preacher who was SO good! After church and Sunday School, we had a church wide luncheon. David and Aubrey went to church that evening, and I stayed home with the babies. After church, David and Aubrey got to go to dinner with the guest preacher at our friends' house. We have been doing one of this man's books in our Bible study, and my friends and I are big fans :) So, we signed up to have dinner with him and his wife Sunday night. I was so sad to miss! David and Aubrey didn't get home until after 10!

Aubrey had school on Monday, and Jude and Alaina and I picked her up that afternoon. We had a very low-key afternoon and evening at home. I cooked dinner, and then poor Aubrey fell asleep in the chair! I kept waking her up (it was only like 6:45), and she was saying, "I can't stay awake, Mommy."
Guess David kept her out too late the night before ;) David did come home a little early from karate to help me (I had been cooped up with sick kids for QUITE a few days), so that was nice!!

Jude and Alaina still had lingering coughs and runny noses on Tuesday, so no Bible study for us :( We picked Aubrey up from Spanish, and then spur of the moment, I decided that we would go out to lunch. I needed some more time out of my house :) That evening, we went out to dinner with my whole family. It was my little brother's 18th birthday!! We went to Amerigo, which is one of my favorites :)

Aubrey had school again on Wednesday. Thankfully, Jude and Alaina were finally pretty much back to normal that day. Alaina even got into my makeup...
After we picked Aubrey up from school, we went to Target. That evening, we all went to church. After dinner at church, David and I went to a book discussion that we're doing once a month. We enjoyed it!

Thursday morning was pretty uneventful. I got some things done around the house, and then I fed the kids lunch and put them down for naps. We went to tutoring that afternoon. When it was over, we hung out with Megan and her kids until David finished teaching karate, and then we came home for dinner.
Just a little pile up after baths and before bed :)
On Friday, I had several errands to run for Alaina's birthday gathering the next day! (I'm not even calling it a party, because it was just our families who came over for brunch - but I still wanted it to be special!) We went to Party City and got paperware and balloons, and then we got lunch at McAlister's. We then went to Kroger and got all the food I needed to cook brunch. The kids napped when we got home. That evening, we ate dinner at Jaco's Tacos - so good! We finished off the night with a trip to Whole Foods. David and I actually went to bed at a decent hour - that NEVER happens the night before a party. It was nice to have everything more low-key.

Saturday was our precious Alaina's second birthday!! Our families came over to help us celebrate at 10:30, and we had fun! I'll talk more about that later when I post more pictures. The weather was absolutely PERFECT. Low 60's, no humidity, gorgeous sun.... couldn't have asked for a better day, and we spent almost her whole party outside.
That afternoon while the kids napped, I went shopping with my mom and grandmother. I haven't done that in forever, and it was fun to get out. For dinner, David and the kids and I went to get pizza. It was a wonderful day celebrating Alaina's first two years of life!

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Courtney said...

I thought she had really gotten hurt when I saw that picture of Alaina with the make-up on. Hopefully this week is full of healthy kids.