Friday, January 17, 2014

Farewell for Now!

Today, Aubrey said goodbye to her best friend, and it will more than likely be almost a year before she sees her again. (Incidentally, I also had to say goodbye to one of my best friends, too.)

The Herringtons are about to embark on their New York City adventure, and while we're so excited for them, we're also really sad to see them go. Aubrey and Ann Peyton have been friends since their first year of life, and they literally do not remember a day in their little lives without the other one in it. Aubrey has many sweet friends who she loves so much, but Ann Peyton is the one who she consistently refers to as her "best friend."
We've explained to Aubrey that Ann Peyton is moving to New York, and she knows that AP will be gone for a long time. I'm not sure how much Aubrey really gets that, though, because she doesn't have the greatest grasp on time. Aubrey knows that Ann Peyton won't be in her class at school anymore, and she has told me that she is really going to miss her. I've explained that it is ok to be sad. Goodness knows, I understand her pain.
Just in the past several years, I have watched three of my closest friends move to different towns/states. I know it's hard. It doesn't get easier. It's sad for me to see Aubrey experience that. But another thing that I know for certain is that God ALWAYS provides for our needs. I have seen this so clearly in my own life in the area of friendships. I have tangibly felt the Lord meeting my needs and blessing me so much in that area beyond what I could have imagined. That is a whole separate post, and one that I plan to write one day. But I know that the Lord will do the same for my sweet little girl. I am already praying for some of her other friendships at school to grow and deepen now that Ann Peyton won't be there.
The best part and the worst part of watching my five year old bid farewell to a friendship that has been such a huge part of her life is knowing that children are so resilient and "get over" things remarkably well. I know that Aubrey will really miss Ann Peyton, but I also know that within a short time, she will adjust to her new normal and life will go on. This makes me happy because I hate to see Aubrey sad or upset. But it also makes me a little sad. I just wonder how much of these fun times with Ann Peyton Aubrey will remember. When the Herringtons return home for a visit this fall, will Aubrey and Ann Peyton meet as friends or strangers? I do know that I have so many treasured memories of watching these two sweet little girls go from babies in carseats just along for the ride while their Mamas talked at lunch to preschool aged best friends who experienced their first day of school and so much more together. When the memories get fuzzy in Aubrey's little girl brain, I hope I can remind her of fun times with her very first best friend.
So, while saying goodbye to friends is never easy, and Aubrey and I will both miss our precious friends, I'm so thankful for these special friendships and the way that God brought them into our lives though something as small as blogs. I hope one day when Aubrey and Ann Peyton are grown women and still life long friends, they can laugh about the fact that they never would have met if their Mamas hadn't connected via the internet. I know SD and I will be laughing about that forever :) We love our sweet friends and wish them all the best in this next chapter of their lives!!

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Sarah Denley said...

Oh my. I opened Feedly and I thought "'Farewell for Now'-Oh, cute. A post about leaving for Disney!"

Whew. Clearly, I teared up a little. CLEARLY. This was such a sweet, beautiful post. I will always, always be thankful for our friendship. But I'm so thankful for our girls', too. There is something so special about your first best friend and I love that God gave Annie and Aubrey that in each other. And, of course, I love that blogging was the initial catalyst ;)