Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekly Highlights

Last week can pretty much be summed up in one picture:
Lots of sitting on the couch holding a sick Alaina :( No, she didn't actually get really sick until mid-week last week, and we had some fun stuff going on the beginning of the week, so here's some highlights:

Sunday was a normal day at church :)
Aubrey went to school on Monday, and the little kids and I ran errands in the cold rain. We were looking for an ornament for an ornament exchange I was going to, and I was getting stuff for Aubrey's class party on Wednesday. We picked Aubrey up from school and had an uneventful evening at home.

On Tuesday, I had my Circle Christmas luncheon. I took taco soup, and we had a great lunch! I picked the kids up from the nursery, and we came home for naps. I had my Bunco ornament exchange that night, and it was so fun! We met at Basil's and had a great time. When I got home, David said Alaina had had a temperature of almost 103 before bed :(

Wednesday was Aubrey's class Christmas party that I was supposed to attend (being home room mom and all), but I knew Alaina needed to see the doctor. I got her an early appointment and hoped that I would be able to still make the Christmas party too. It turned out poor Lainey had RSV and pneumonia :( The RSV explains why she had had a cold for basically 2 1/2 weeks. We had taken her to the doctor the week before and seen someone other than our regular doctor. We were told that Alaina just had a cold, but I had a feeling there was more going on. Anyway, poor baby had to get a shot AND we got about a million other medicines to give her at home (steroids, breathing treatments, antibiotics). Sweet girl was SICK :( My mom had planned to come over to watch Jude and Alaina while I went to Aubrey's party, and she agreed to still come. The party went well. We did a quick craft and ate pizza. I think the kids enjoyed it :) I took Aubrey home with me after the party so that I wouldn't have to wake Alaina up from her nap to pick Aubrey up that afternoon. We ran by Target and got Alaina's medicine on the way home. Thankfully, Alaina took a good nap. I spent the rest of the afternoon holding her. That evening, I met some girls at a restaurant for a little shower for a friend who was having a baby the next day.
Thursday was a very low-key day at home with my sick baby. She was pretty fussy and clingy all day.
I did manage to cook dinner that evening, and we ate when David got home.

We had another day at home on Friday. By this point, we were getting a little tired of being at home. Alaina seemed better physically (coughing less, wheezing less, etc.) but she was in an awful mood, I think mostly because of the steroids. Aubrey and Jude were also starting to cough and not feel 100% either. We drove through Chick Fil A for lunch just for a change of scenery, and the person ahead of us in the drive through paid for our meal. I was so touched. Definitely a bight spot in a not-so-great day. Alaina refused to nap that afternoon. She just SCREAMED, even when I was rocking her. I knew she just wasn't feeling well, but it was incredibly frustrating. In the midst of all of this, our realtor called to say that we had a showing at 4:30 (this was at 2:45). OF COURSE we would have our first showing in like 2 months after 3 days of basically sitting on the cough and on the day that Alaina refused to nap. I called David at my wit's end, and he came home early to rescue me :) We got the house ready and got out the door right as the people were getting here. We just rode around and grabbed some dinner.

The people who looked at our house the day before wanted to come back at noon on Saturday, so we got the house show ready again and went for a drive. We drove though Chick Fil A (again) and fed the kids lunch in the car.
When we got home, we got the kids down for naps and I went to the grocery store. My mom came over that afternoon so that David and I could go out for our 7th anniversary that was the next day.
Aubrey was feeling pretty terrible by this point, so it was sweet of my mom to watch our sick kids. I was SO happy to get out with David after being cooped up at home for days. We did some Christmas shopping, ate at Amerigo, and did some more shopping. It was a fun evening :)


Whitney said...

I hope everyone is feeling better now! Steroids are no fun. When Sam had croup he was called in a 5-day prescription, and I was thrilled when my ped said we only needed to do 3 days. That sounds promising about the house!

Jennifer said...

Poor A and poor Mama! Henry has the croupy cough but has not had a cold. Winter is hard! Praying your house sells soon.

Nathalie said...

I hope everyone feels better soon and that the interest on the house turns into an offer!