Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Highlights

Last week was another long week because Alaina was still sick. Thankfully, she turned a corner mid-week and started feeling better. When baby is sick, no one is happy!

Alaina had started running fever the day before, so I stayed home with her on Sunday morning while David, Aubrey, and Jude went to church. Alaina had been up many times in the night, but she ended up sleeping until 10:30 that morning! It was nice to have some quiet time before she got up.
The "Big Guy" with her little baby ;)
I cooked lunch, and we all ate when David and the kids got home. I went to church with Aubrey and Jude that evening while David and Alaina stayed home. We got everyone to bed, and then David and I watched a movie.

Monday was Labor Day, so David was home. I had big plans of organizing and cleaning, but we ended up getting a last minute showing so things got a bit crazy. We managed to get the house in shape (thank God David was home to help me), and we went to Target during the showing. When we got home, we grilled steaks for dinner. It was mine and David's first time to eat red meat in almost 3 weeks. YUM!
My dad texted me a picture of his puppies for Aubrey (she had developed a bit of an obsession with those puppies), and she asked me to text a picture of herself back to my dad. Haha! Of course he loved it :)
Alaina got SO fussy during dinner, and she ended up inconsolable. She had fever, and I finally just took her upstairs and bathed her and then rocked her while she cried. I decided then and there that she was going to the doctor the next day. She finally did calm down and I put her to bed.

I got Alaina a doctor's appointment Tuesday morning, and I took all three kids to the doctor by myself. It actually went ok. We found out that Alaina had hand, foot, and mouth. The doctor said she had sores all down her throat. No wonder the poor baby was so fussy :(
Little Lainey was covered in a rash :(
We stopped at Target for some medicine on the way home. The rest of the day we just hung around the house. Alaina didn't nap well. David came home that evening, and we ate dinner at home.

Wednesday was another long day at home taking care of a sick baby.
Lots of time spent in pjs.
Thankfully, Alaina seemed to turn a corner that afternoon and started feeling better. Her fever didn't come back that night. David stayed home with all of the kids that evening and let me go to church. Aubrey and Jude weren't sick, but we wanted to be on the safe side since you can spread hand, foot, and mouth before you know you have it.
David and the kids went on a walk.
It was so nice to get out of the house! This was also the first day off of our detox, so I was able to eat dinner at church :) David had the kids in bed when I got home.

I was so excited on Thursday because I got to get out of the house! My mom was so sweet and came over and kept the kids basically all day while I went to a consignment sale and ran a few errands. The sale was awesome, but SO crowded. I was in line probably 45 minutes. After I left there, I grabbed lunch and met David at his office. We then went to a place to look at granite. I think we're going to replace our kitchen countertops! I went and got some school shoes for Aubrey next, and then I headed home. The kids had had a fun day with my mom! David got home from work, and I cooked dinner, and then we went to meet the teacher night at Aubrey's school. That was fun!

On Friday, Jude and I had appointments to get our hair cut. I took Aubrey and Alaina to my parents' house, and then Jude and I went to our appointments. I was ready for a change and got bangs!
I picked the girls up, and we came home for naps. That evening, we went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner. I have to say, that pizza tasted GOOD :) We ran a few errands after dinner, and then we came home and put kids to bed.
Three babies all in a row!
David and I watched a movie that night after we got the kids to bed.

Saturday morning, while David and the kids were at the Farmer's Market, I fixed some paint in our entryway that was messed up. I then got ready. That afternoon, I ran all over town. I went to Barnes and Noble, Party City, Belk, and Kroger. When I got home, I shampooed the carpet in our bedroom and Jude's room. Then I fixed chicken salad for dinner and made some breakfast bars for the week.
Covered in cinnamon! Our kids are obsessed with cinnamon..
We ate dinner, and Alaina didn't eat well and was SUPER fussy. David got her out of her highchair and was holding her when she threw up all over him. Grrr. He cleaned up and we bathed the kids and put them to bed. (Alaina was never sick again. Who knows what that was about.)

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