Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekly Highlights

Last week was a fun, busy week! It was Aubrey's first week back at school and also her birthday week, so a lot of time was spent preparing for her party! (By the way, I have no idea why Jude didn't make an appearance in any pictures this week. I promise he was here and we love him. Haha!)

Alaina had thrown up on Saturday night, so that meant she couldn't go to church on Sunday :( David, Aubrey, and Jude went to church, and Lainey and I stayed home.
We had a little photo shoot since it was her 18 month "birthday." :)
She obviously wasn't feeling bad.
We ate lunch when they got home from church, and then the kids and I napped :) Alaina hadn't been sick again, and it had been 24 hours, so we all went to church that evening. We ate dinner at Newk's on the way home. We got the kids to bed, and then we got all of Aubrey's stuff ready for her first day of school!

I got up early on Monday and got myself ready. David helped me get the kids ready, and then we took Aubrey to school.
She was SO excited! After we dropped her off, Jude, Alaina, and I ran some errands. I tell you what, running errands is so much easier with only two kids! We came home for lunch, and then I put Jude and Alaina down for early naps since we had to pick Aubrey up at 2:30. Aubrey had had a great day at school, but she was tired and pretty cranky :-/ We had to run to the grocery store on our way home. I put a movie in for Aubrey and told her to just rest as soon as we got home. The afternoon and evening got long. I cooked dinner, bathed the kids, and then David got home. He put the kids to bed while I baked muffins and cut up fruit for Bible Study the next day.

We had to be at Circle early on Tuesday since it was my month to bring food. Our study was good! I picked the kids up from the nursery, and we came home for lunch and naps. I did some straightening up while they napped. That evening, I cooked dinner for the family, and then I went to Bunco. It was really fun! David and I talked a bit when I got home and then went to bed.

Aubrey had school again on Wednesday. This time, I just threw my hair in a ponytail and didn't get completely ready before I dropped her off. When we got back home, I took a shower and got ready. My grandmother came to keep Jude and Alaina while I went to volunteer. I had fun! I ran a quick errand before picking Aubrey up. When we got home, Jude and Alaina were still resting, so I sent Aubrey to her room for some rest time, too. David came home that afternoon, and we went to church that evening.

Thursday was Aubrey's 5th birthday!!
It's not always all smiles. As I mentioned in Aubrey's birthday letter, this girl has a stubborn streak, and she's wasn't feeling the pictures.
We got ready and met David, my family, and David' mom for an early lunch at Beagel Bagel. We had a great time celebrating the birthday girl :)
She enjoyed Sister's birthday lunch!
I put the kids down for naps as soon as we got home. When they got up, we went to church for tutoring. When it was over, we hung out at church until David was done teaching karate. We all came home and ate dinner. I then baked some brownies for Aubrey's birthday :) It was a special day for our big girl!
Friday was spent at home cleaning and trying to get the house ready for Aubrey's birthday party. I did school that morning with Aubrey AND Jude, and it went really well. I got a good bit done around the house, but when David got home, I was stressed because we had SO much to do for the party. We went to Target, Party City, Hobby Lobby, and Kroger. We also got dinner at a Mexican restaurant. We put the kids to bed when we got home, and then David and I stayed up until 1:30 setting things up and "crafting" for the birthday party :-/

Aubrey's party was at 11 on Saturday, so we got up pretty early and ran around doing last minute stuff. Our guests arrived, and we had so much fun!! There was a lot going on, and it was a bit crazy, but I guess that's how 5 year old birthday parties are supposed to go! ;) Aubrey said it was the best party ever, so that of course made the work worth it :)
I'll do a full party post soon! After everyone left, we got the kids right down for naps. I then went to Old Navy and Kroger. When I got home, the kids were playing outside with David. It was a BEAUTIFUL evening, so we ate leftovers for dinner outside on the deck. When we finished with dinner, David watched some of the Auburn game and bathed the kids. I ironed their clothes for church and then went to bed early. It had been a wonderful day, but I was TIRED :)

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