Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekly Highlights

We had a good week! It was pretty busy compared to the week before. We started a lot of our fall activities/commitments, so our calendar is filling up. Right now, we have a commitment every day but Mondays and Fridays. And in a few weeks, Aubrey will be going back to school, so we'll have something on Mondays too! Thankfully, it's not overwhelming, and it's all stuff that I want to be involved with, so I'm happy that we have things to keep us busy :)

On Sunday, we went to church and Sunday School like always :) We came home and grilled out for lunch.
We went back to church that night and had dinner at Newk's.

Monday morning, we got ready and I took the kids to my mom's house. I then ran all over town trying to find Bunco gifts since I was hosting Bunco the next night. I finally found some prizes that would do. I picked the kids up and brought them home for naps. That afternoon, I cleaned. I cooked dinner that evening, and we were having a fine night until Aubrey and Jude took ALL of the blankets/pillows/sheets/comforters off their bed and piled them in the landing and dumped cups of water all over them. This all happened while I was downstairs cleaning up the kitchen. I knew they were playing with their blankets and pillows, but I figured that was harmless, and I needed to get the kitchen cleaned, so it was worth the mess. I did NOT know about the water, and I was NOT happy. They know they're not supposed to play with water. I got the mess cleaned up and bathed them, and then David got home. I was ready to check out by then ;)

We went to Bible Study on Tuesday morning. It was Circle, which meets once a month at someone's house. It was great! We came home afterwards, the kids napped, and I cooked and cleaned some more for Bunco. David came home and took the kids to meet his parents for dinner, and my mom came early to help me finish setting up. Bunco was really fun! David brought the kids home in the middle of it and put them straight to bed. A few friends and my mom stayed kind of late after it was over just talking. I enjoyed it so much! David and I talked after everyone left.

I was going to start volunteering again on Wednesday at the school for children with special needs where I volunteered last fall. I took the summer off, so I was looking forward to going back. My grandmother kept the kids while I went. I enjoyed my time at the school! I stopped at Rainbow (an organic/natural grocery store) on my way home. That evening, we ate dinner at home and just hung out together. David bathed the kids and we got them to bed.

Thursday, we had a low-key morning at home.
Piling up every pillow and blanket we own has become Aubrey and Jude's new favorite game.
We ate lunch, and I put the kids down for rest a bit early. I got myself ready, and then I got the kids up. We went to church so that I could tutor. My brother watched the kids while I tutored. After I finished, David was arriving at the church to teach karate. I was in no hurry to get home before David, and the weather was gorgeous, so the kids and I went and played on the church playground. When they got too hot, we went and hung out in the nursery until David finished with karate. He drove the kids home, and I took his car :) We ate dinner and bathed the kids, and then we put everyone to bed.

On Friday morning, we went to Target. We killed some time and got some necessities, and then we came home for lunch. The kids napped, and I chilled out :) That evening, David came home and we ate dinner at Jason's Deli. On the way home, we stopped at Kroger. We were going to rent a movie from the Red Box, but we couldn't find anything we wanted to see, so we decided to just watch something we already had. We put the kids to bed and watched The Amazing Spiderman.

We had a good, low-key Saturday. I did some cleaning while David and the kids were at the Farmer's Market. When they got home, we ate lunch, and then David, Aubrey, and Jude went to Aubrey's school for a little while to help move some stuff. I put Alaina down for a nap. When they got home, I left to go to Rainbow and Kroger. I cooked dinner that evening, and we ate early. When we finished, we went to the park. It was so much fun! We came home just in time for baths and bed :)

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Sarah Denley said...

What is the deal with the pillows and blankets? My kids are obsessed, too.