Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Highlights

Last week was kind of weird. Our kids seemed to be suffering from some strange virus or something, and they just weren't themselves. But we did still manage to do some fun things! (Oh, and sorry I got a little long-winded. I'm really trying to keep these posts "highlight length" but sometimes that's easier than others. Bear with me! ;)

Sunday was church, and David and I had nursery duty in Alaina's room.
Alaina and her little friend, Mae, decided that they wanted to be lap babies :)
We ate lunch at home, and we went back to night church. When we picked Jude up from the nursery, he was acting strange. I can't even really describe how he was acting, but he just seemed off. I told David I half expected him to puke all over me any minute. Ha! He just had that look on his face. Thankfully, he never did ;) He rallied a little, so we went to dinner at Schlotzsky's before coming home for bed. Jude felt slightly warm before bed.

On Monday, the kids surprised me by ALL sleeping till 8:30!! It's a VERY rare treat for them to all sleep late on the same day! Jude was acting more normal that morning.
These pictures CRACK ME UP. Someone gave us these pajamas for Jude when he was a baby. Aubrey was running low on pj's that fit at the time, so one night, David put them on her. I balked a little bit, but then I figured, "What the heck? She's just sleeping in them." So, Aubrey wore them, and then Jude wore them. Now Alaina is obviously wearing them (David put them on her, and once again, I balked a bit and then gave up). I guess we're resourceful? Haha! I totally think she looks like a little boy, but David thinks she still look feminine ;) I need to do a comparison of all three of our kids in the BIG GUY pajamas.
We had a low-key day at home. We spent a big part of the morning outside blowing bubbles. Jude ended up having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad accident in his underwear. It was so bad that I can't even talk about it. I will say that it involved me throwing away a pair of my shoes, calling David almost in tears, and nearly having a full-on meltdown while trying to clean the ENTIRE bathroom and my child. Yes, I can be a tad dramatic when it comes to bodily functions. Haha! But guys, it was BAD. (In hindsight, I think he must have had a mild little bug. That didn't occur to me until later in the week when I was reading Sarah Denley's blog about their bug. The symptoms were very similar.) Anyway, the rest of the day wasn't as bad, thankfully. Alaina gave me a wonderful treat and napped for FOUR HOURS. It was crazy. The kids and I ate dinner, and I was bathing the girls (Jude got his bath that afternoon) when Jude told me that he had seen Daddy. I told him that it wasn't time for Daddy to be home yet, but he kept insisting. The next thing I knew, David walked into the bathroom. It scared me so badly that I screamed (just because I wasn't expecting him yet). Ha! My SWEET husband knew I had had a rough day, so he left karate early, and came home bearing gifts.
He's the best :) When David got home, he had realized I was bathing the kids and didn't hear him come in. He didn't want to scare me, so when he saw Jude playing in Aubrey's room, he told him to go into the bathroom and tell me that he was home. Jude did, but I didn't believe the poor boy. It was funny! Anyway, David took over bathtime, and the rest of the evening was good :)

We went to Bible Study on Tuesday morning. I had packed lunches for the kids, and after Bible Study, my mom watched them at church while David and I went and looked at four more houses. We saw two that we REALLY like, so that was exciting. I picked the kids up from church, and we came home for naps. That evening, I had book club. We met at a Mexican restaurant, and it was so much fun! We hadn't actually read a book. The one that was chosen ended up being kind of trashy, apparently (I hadn't even started it), so the facilitator decided to nix it. We spent a lot of time talking about the kinds of books that we want to read going forward. It was an interesting discussion.

On Wednesday, we met my mother-in-law and little cousin Luke at a splash pad to play. Luke was spending the week with Dee Dee, and the kids were excited to get to play with him :)
We had fun playing in the water, and then we went to Chick Fil A for lunch. That was fun too, and they played for a while after we ate. We came home when it was naptime. That evening we had small group, and we were having our babysitter come over again. While we were eating dinner, Aubrey started saying that her stomach hurt. I was worried that she was going to be sick, but after a while, it seemed to pass, and she was fine. So strange. Our babysitter got here, and since Aubrey insisted that she felt fine, we went on to small group. We had a good meeting!

Thursday was my last time to tutor for the summer. It was a good morning. After it was over, David met us at church, and we went to a curriculum meeting at Aubrey's school. I was nervous about taking all of the kids with us, but they did fine. When we finished with that, we went to lunch at Pizza Inn. It was fun to have lunch with David! I put the kids down for naps when we got home. I cooked dinner that night, and we spent the evening at home.

We were supposed to get together with the Herringtons on Friday, but we had to cancel because they were under the weather. It was a good thing we did, because Alaina woke up with fever :( She was pretty lethargic and snuggly all day. We spent the day at home lounging ;)
I was hoping that Alaina would pull another four hour nap, but she barely slept for two hours. Bummer! She seemed to feel better when she woke up, though.
When David got home, we went to a Mexican restaurant and ate outside. We then went to Target. In the car on the way home, Aubrey said she was FREEZING. Umm, it was burning up in there. We checked her temp, and now SHE had fever :( David and I had rented Lincoln. I wasn't a fan. I thought it was pretty boring. I ended up reading my book on the couch with David while he watched the movie. Haha!

David and the kids skipped the Farmer's Market Saturday since everyone had been sick. Alaina still seemed a little more mellow than usual, but Aubrey was normal. We had an uneventful Saturday. I painted our kitchen island, and then I went to the grocery store. My family had our big annual "July birthday celebration" that night. We were hoping that we would all be able to go, but when Alaina got up from her nap, her fever was back. So sad! Aubrey was fever free, so I took Aubrey and Jude with me, and David and Alaina stayed home. We missed them! We went to the same hibachi place that we go to every year, and Jude was SO scared! He was in my brother's lap, and he kept saying, "I want to hide!"
I took him outside to talk to him and try to reassure him, and he kept saying, "I like going bye bye." I was wishing that I had left him at home :/ I told him that we would ask our cook not to do any fire at our table (he had seen some fire at another table when we first walked in, and that's what he was afraid of), and that made him feel better. He decided that the place was ok after all when the cook promised him that there would be no fire :) He was true to his word, and we ended up having a lot of fun! When we got home, Alaina was in bed, and David ate his food that we brought him.


Whitney said...

That must have been an amazing accident if you lost a pair of shoes!

So exciting about Disney! We are going mid-January. We don't have the option to leave Sam, but that would definitely make it easier with Aubrey and Jude. We are driving as well but spending one night each way. Keep me updated!

Nathalie said...

Hi Carrie!
Yes, the weather here has been cooler in the mornings/evenings -- about 15-20C (59-68F). Perfect blanket-reading weather! Don't worry, I'm jealous that you get to go trick or treating on Halloween without a coat!