Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weekly Highlights

Well, this post is late. Guess we're just having too much fun for blogging this week ;) Last week was a great, full week, and the theme was celebrating our sweet Jude who turned THREE!

On Sunday, we went to church and Sunday School. We had lunch at home. Alaina clearly enjoyed her lunch...
We went back to church that night. We ate dinner at Jason's Deli.

On Monday, I had to go to a meeting for Aubrey's school. My brothers were going to watch the kids at our church while I went to the meeting (they are at church helping with my dad's ministry). David dropped the kids off, and then I picked them up when I finished. The meeting went well, and the kids survived the couple of hours with my teenage brothers who don't change diapers. Haha! (My dad was on diaper stand-by should a situation arise.) Anyway, we came home and the kids napped.
David skipped karate that evening, and it was nice to have him home. We grilled chicken for dinner, and just hung out together.

Happy Birthday, Jude! Tuesday was Jude's birthday, and I tried to make it a special day for him. First stop was church for Bible Study. Afterwards, we met David for lunch at Chick Fil A. That was fun, and the kids got to play, which they loved.
We came home for naps, and then we ate dinner at home. David had a church meeting that night, so we were on our own. The kids and I loaded up and went to get frozen yogurt. The kids were SO excited about this special treat! After ice cream, we played at a little splash pad until bedtime. I was slightly nervous about how this would go with no other adult with me, but the kids did great and had a blast. I changed them into pajamas in the car, and I put them all to bed as soon as we got home. I got on the internet, and then when David got home, we talked.

We hung out at home all day on Wednesday. I got some things done around the house, and the kids played all day.
That evening, we had small group. Our babysitter arrived, and David and I left. We had a great meeting! The kids were in bed when we got home.

Thursday was tutoring, as usual. After it was over, we hung out at church for a little while, and then we came home. The kids had rest time after lunch, and I straightened up. David came home a little early that evening to try to cut the grass before the rain started. He was literally running with our push mower. Haha! He finished just as the first drops were falling :) I cooked dinner, and we ate and hung out at home that night.

Friday morning we got ready and ran several errands to get last minute things for Jude's birthday party the next day. We went to Hobby Lobby and Target, and then we came home for lunch. I tried to get the house "party ready" during naptime. When David got home, we ran more errands. We went to McAlister's, Sam's, Target (again!), and Pet's Mart. We then came home for bed, and I ran to Kroger. David and I got everything ready for Jude's party the next morning, and we went to bed.

Jude's party was on Saturday morning, and it was so fun! We rented a water slide, and it was just a great party :) We ordered pizza, so that made it very low-stress for me. I think everyone enjoyed it, especially the birthday boy!
(I'll post more pictures later.) After everyone was partied out, it was rest time. David and I relaxed during rest time, too. That evening, we went to Newk's and Kroger and then it was bath and bedtime!

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