Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekly Highlights

We had another fun, busy week! I guess there's really no point in me saying that we've been busy EVERY week. It seems like that's just going to be how it is this summer. We've been having fun, though, so I'm not complaining!

Sunday was Father's Day, and we went to church and Sunday School like normal. Afterwards, we went over to David's parents' house for lunch. David's sisters were in town, so it was fun visiting, and the kids have a blast playing with their cousins :)

The siblings with their dad on Father's Day :)
We went back to church that evening and had dinner at Newks.

On Monday, David's sisters and mom came over for a little playdate. Once again, the kids had so much fun with their cousins. We played outside for a while and just hung out.

They left around lunchtime. Our afternoon was uneventful. When David got home, we went back over to David's parents' house for dinner and one more chance to see the family before they headed home the next day :)

We went to Bible Study on Tuesday morning. I'm really loving our summer study! The kids napped that afternoon, and right towards the end of naptime, I got a text from our realtor letting me know that we were going to have a showing that evening. I hustled and got the house presentable, and then I got the kids up. David had a meeting that night, so we met Sarah Denley, Ann Peyton, and Graves at Chick Fil A for dinner.
We had a great time, and SD and I were able to get some visiting in while the kids played :)

We had a realtor's open house on Wednesday, so the kids and I went and hung out at my parents' house. We played and ate lunch over there, and then we were able to come back home. The kids napped, and I got ready for small group that night. David got home, and we had a sitter come over to keep the kids. Our first small group meeting went really well! Everyone pretty much knows everyone at our church, but it was fun to get to know people better in a small group setting :) The kids did great for the babysitter, too, which is always a relief ;)

I tutor on Thursday mornings, so we had to be up and ready bright and early. Tutoring went well, and then David picked me up at church so that we could go look at some houses with our realtor. My mom drove the kids home. We looked at six houses, and I really liked one of them, another one was ok, and the rest we marked off the list :) I'm not letting myself get my heart set on any house at this point because we're obviously not buying one until our house sells. David and I got a quick lunch after our house search, which was fun! The rest of the day was uneventful and we had dinner at home that night.

Friday was the first day in forever that we didn't have any plans, and I was actually excited about a day at home.

Aubrey's outfit of the day. Well, I should probably call it her "outfit of the minute" because she never wears just one outfit a day. She picked it out herself in case that's not obvious ;)
I quickly remembered why I like to get out of the house, though. I feel like the days that we stay home all day end up being our worst days. The kids get WILD, they destroy the house, and I get frustrated and usually am not as patient or as loving as I should be :( It just seems to do us all good to have a change of scenery during the day. Alaina ended up dropping my phone and it seemed like it was broken (it didn't work all day but thank God, it was fine the next day), there was some kind of short or something in Jude's room, and none of his lights or plugs worked, and then he ended up tee tee'ing on the kitchen table... whew! It was just a crazy day. That evening, we went to my parents' house for dinner. They had some friends over and fried fish. It was a really fun night! It's nice when you share friends with your parents :)

We had a normal Saturday filled with the Farmer's Market, errands, and the grocery store. While the kids napped, David cut the grass and I worked on painting our kitchen chairs. We went to get pizza for dinner that evening. After the kids were in bed, David helped me recover the chair cushions. We got two done, and we have two to go!

I think this week is going to be less busy than the past couple. We'll see if that ends up being a good thing or a bad thing ;)

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