Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekly Highlights

Last week was a good week. I just feel like we have SO much going on right now, and it's kind of caught up with me. It's all good stuff that I'm super excited about, but I've just felt overwhelmed by everything the past couple of days. I know things will really settle down now that our house is on the market (!!!), so that will be nice. It's funny because I've felt SO BUSY and like I can barely keep my head above water (just with getting the house ready and tying to get all of our adoption things checked off the list), but pretty soon we'll just be in the waiting stages of both of those big changes (the move and the adoption). Right now that sounds really nice, so I hope I can maintain that perspective throughout the wait(s), however long the end up being :)

Sunday was a normal day of church, Sunday School, rest, and church again :) We went out to eat after night church and sat outside and enjoyed the summer evening... until the kids got cranky, and we had a diaper disaster that we had to take care of in the car ;)

Monday was Memorial Day and David had the day off. We worked SO hard all day getting stuff done around the house. I was seriously over it by that point. We did set up our kiddie pool in the backyard that morning and I played with the kids while David worked inside.

Thankfully my parents had invited us over that evening, so that gave us a good excuse to stop and get out of our house. We had fun hanging out with my family eating ribs and pulled pork! Oh, and playing with my dad's new puppy of course :)

Tuesday we didn't have Bible Study because so many people were out of town. It worked out perfectly because Rebekkah was in town, so she picked up lunch and brought it to our house. We had SUCH a great visit. I miss her so much! That evening, we stayed home and David cut the grass. We were still hard at work on the house every chance we got.

Wednesday was a low-key day at home. I got a lot of cleaning done. That night, we had our last official Wednesday night fellowship meal before the summer break. My friend and I taught the 1st and 2nd graders for the last time together. We've been teaching for a year, so we're going to take a break and serve in different areas next semester.
Thursday was fun because we went over to the Herrington's for lunch. We hadn't seen them in ages, so we loved catching up. We had another night at home, and we -- you guess it -- worked around the house. I did get out and go for a walk by myself after the kids were in bed, and that was really nice. I need to make exercising more of a priority.

Friday was the day that David and I were heading out of town for our adoption education the next day. I was super excited about our night away :) We left home about 3, and we had such a fun evening! We went out to dinner, and then we saw The Great Gatsby. It was so good! We stayed in a nice little Bed and Breakfast that night.
Saturday was our adoption training. It was SO GOOD. I'll blog more about it later, but David and I both just felt very encouraged, and we left feeling good about the decision we've made that have led us to this point -- our agency, going the domestic route, special needs, being open to transracial adoption.... all of it. It jut felt good to have such a sense of peace about the path we're on. I know the Lord has led us to where we are now, and I have assurance that He will continue to lead us. We got home around 7 that night, and we were super happy to see our babies!

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