Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Watercolor: Day 2

After getting to sleep so late the night before, David and I were hopeful that the kids would sleep in the next day. Didn't happen. They were up and at 'em by 7:30. Thankfully, I had brought some muffins with us, so we were able to have breakfast. After we ate, Aubrey and I made a Publix run, and then we came back for our first day of fun! :) We got all sunscreened up, and we hit the beach!

This ended up being one of the best weather days we had the whole week. We had SO much fun playing in the sand. Much to my surprise, Alaina LOVED the sand and the water! She tends to be very cautious and nervous in new situations, so I figured she wouldn't be a big fan, but I was WRONG.

Jude was actually our nervous child. He wanted nothing to do with the water and sat on the towel with me for a long time while David played in the water with the girls. He did end up warming up to the water a little bit, but he was pretty cautious and reserved around the water all week.

I fully expected Aubrey to love the beach, and she did :) I loved watching her play and enjoy herself so much.

After about an hour and a half at the beach, we headed back to our house for lunch and naps. Alaina was exhausted and went down without a peep again. We separated Jude and Aubrey for naptime -- Jude was in their room and Aubrey was in the master bedroom. Neither one slept, but they did have some quiet time. While they rested, my super sweet, selfless husband let me go have some alone time at the pool. I LOVED that! I was able to sit and read a book and I was the ONLY person at the pool. Ahhh, heaven!

When I got back home, the kids were up and ready for something fun :) We decided to try the pool. We went to a fun pool for kids, and they LOVED it! We were the only ones there, and it was just so nice. Jude was nervous about the water again, but I was able to coax him in, and he ended up enjoying it. Some friends had loaned us a puddle jumper, and Aubrey had SO much fun with that. Jude even put it on for a while and had fun too :)

After lots of playing, the late bedtime the night before and lots of time in the sun was catching up with someone....
.... so we called it a day and headed home :) David got the kids bathed while I got dinner ready. We grilled chicken and had a nice evening at home.

We watched a little Dancing with the Stars when we finished eating. David and I put the kids to bed, and then we were able to hang out together and watch a movie. We realized that we had forgotten our laptop charger, and the laptop was dead. We ended up having to buy a new charger so that we could transfer pictures to our laptop, but I hardly used the computer at all that week. I feel like not having the computer enabled me and David to have SO much great time together in the evenings. Our time every night after putting the kids to bed ended up being one of my favorite parts of the trip. We watched movies every night and just spent a lot of quality time together. I loved it so much and want to make more of an effort to do that at home, too!

Our first day at the beach couldn't have been any better...

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Jennifer said...

Y'all are so cute. Love these sweet beach pictures. I need to better about spending time with Carl after dinner instead of escaping into Cyberland or even a good book.