Friday, May 10, 2013


So..... I know it's been like a month since I've updated the ole blog. But I do have a legitimate excuse ;) We currently have no internet. As a matter of fact, I'm blogging from David's office right now because I was having internet withdraws. Haha! No, it actually hasn't been as bad as I would have expected. I definitely miss blogging, but I've been SO much more productive without the computer as a distraction. Thankfully, we should be getting internet back next week (we're switching to a different internet provider and it was several weeks before they could get to us... ugh). I'm hoping that since I've seen how much I can get done without it, I'll limit the time that I spend on the internet each day more so than I did before. There are SO many things that I want to blog about, but since David probably doesn't want us camped at his office all day (you know, so that he can actually get some work done) I'll make this post brief. Here are a few things that we've been up to lately (and things that I'll blog about in more detail ASAP):

-Last week, we were at the beach. It was a WONDERFUL week. It honestly couldn't have been any better. It was literally everything I was hoping it would be, and I'll treasure the memories we made forever. The weather wasn't perfect, but we had such a great time together as a family that I can't even complain about the weather. We took tons of pictures, and I want to remember everything we did on our trip, so I'll be blogging about the trip in more detail than anyone really cares for soon! :)

-Towards the end of our trip last week, Alaina started running fever and got super fussy. I was pretty positive she had an ear infection, and I was unfortunately right. Before our trip, Alaina had had two ear infections back to back. She's had several recently, but this one didn't even seem to go away with an antibiotic. Our pediatrician referred us to an ENT. When we saw the ENT, Alaina's ears weren't infected, but she was still on the most recent round of antibiotics. So, he wanted to see her again in 2 weeks and see how her ears looked. In the meantime, David and I took her to the chiropractor several times and really prayed for wisdom. We didn't want to do tubes, of course, but we knew having a constant infection or being on multiple rounds of antibiotics was not good for our sweet girl. We were hopeful that the chiro would help -- we had great success with that when Aubrey had chronic ear infections and we were able to avoid tubes. (I realize some people are very opposed to chiropractors, just like some people are very opposed to antibiotics. Thankfully, we all get to research and pray and do what we think is best for our own children. David and I decided that a combination of modern medicine and some alternative options is a good combination for us :)) Anyway, ultimately, David and I decided that we would finish the round of antibiotics Alaina was on and try the chiro, and if her ears were infected when we went for her follow-up, we'd go for the tubes. If not, we would wait and hope to avoid them. We saw the ENT on Tuesday, and her poor little ears were infected again :( It's like the minute she finishes the antibiotic, the infection is immediately back. So, Alaina will be getting tubes next week. Even though we hoped to avoid them, I really feel a total peace that this is the best decision for Alaina. She is SO fussy and not herself at all, and honestly, at this point, the procedure can't get here fast enough for me. I want my happy baby back!

-Speaking of Alaina, she is officially walking! She's been walking for a few weeks now, and it's just the cutest thing! She has the most adorable little gait :) I can't believe how big my baby is.

-Probably the biggest thing that's going on in our household right now is that we've decided to put our house on the market. This was not an easy decision to make because we honestly love our house and thought it would be our "forever home." But we live about 25 minutes from our church, David's work, Aubrey's school, and most of our friends. We realized that it just makes sense to try to cut down our commute. Again, this is a very bittersweet decision and one that was made after a LOT of prayer and going back and forth and weighing the pros and cons. We're still praying that if this isn't God's will for our family that He will change our minds or that our house won't sell. We know there are no guarantees that our house will sell and definitely no guarantees that it will sell in a timely manner. If moving is the right thing for our family, we'd definitely be ok with a quick sale, though ;) So, we're busy getting everything fixed up and hopefully we'll get it on the market quickly. I'll be blogging about this in more detail soon too.

-As always, our adoption is on our minds and hearts. We have a lot going on right now, and we stay busy, but our sweet Baby #4 is never forgotten :) There really aren't any updates on the adoption front. We're still reading our required books and waiting to go to our adoption training in June. After that, we'll just be waiting for our baby! It always means so much to us when people ask us about the adoption and want updates even when there's really nothing to report. Just like if I was pregnant, we like to discuss this process because it's a BIG DEAL to us, so it means a lot when it becomes a big deal to our family and friends as well :)

I could go on and on (it's been weeks since we've "talked" after all.... hahah), but I think I need to wrap up and get out of here :) I'm so ready to be able to blog again whenever the urge strikes! Ha!


Nathalie said...

I've been thinking about you and your family! Glad to read the update. I can't even begin to imagine my days without internet! haha.

That's a lot of exciting/crazy stuff! Moving sounds like a big decision. I hope you find a home that you love as much (if not more!) and I'm sure you'll really appreciate a shorter commute.

Wishing you all the best for Alaina and her procedure!

Whitney said...

You have got so much going on! I continue to pray for the adoption and will add the house to my list. I know how stressful that can be. Eager to hear what your next steps will be.

I am so sorry about Alaina's ears. No one wants to do tubes, but they were such a blessing for Avery. She has been infection-free and basically healthy since November. Sam has just battled his 3rd infection in a few months so we are waiting to see what will happen with spring here now. We will not wait it out like we did with Avery. I will be praying for all!