Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week in Review: Winter Break, Valentine's Day, and More Painting

Last week was good! Aubrey had a "winter break" from school, so it was a little more laid back than usual. We did get some things checked off of our to-do list, which is always a good feeling. PS -- our computer is uploading pictures again! So yay!

Sunday: We had church and Sunday School like usual that morning, and our Sunday afternoon was normal too. We went to church that evening, and we came home and ate leftovers for dinner. David and I put the kids to bed, and then I got on the internet and read some of my book club book. I then ironed and priced some clothes for a consignment sale the next day before I went to bed.

Monday: We had a very low-key day at home. Since Aubrey didn't have school, we just stayed home and got some things done around the house.
Jude looks ticked off, but two out of three ain't bad!
We did go outside and go for a little walk up and down our street that morning. It was nice to get some fresh air for a little while. Alaina napped that morning, and I did a lot of laundry and some straightening. I fixed lunch for us, and then it was naptime for all of the kids. I put some chicken in the crockpot for dinner, and then I got myself ready. My mom came over that evening to watch the kids while I went to a preview consignment sale. I found SO MUCH cute stuff. It was kind of ridiculous, and I had to put a lot of it back. Thankfully, Sarah Denley was there to help me decide what to get :) When I got home, I showed my mom my purchases, and the kids wanted to try their stuff on :) I ate dinner, and my mom left. David got home not too long after that, and we got the kids to bed. Then he and I talked while he ate dinner. I then read some of my book before bed.

Tuesday: It was a WET, rainy day, but we ventured out for Circle anyway. It was good! I love going to Circle once a month. After it was over, I picked the kids up from church, and I had to give Alaina a bottle. Then it was POURING outside, so we hung out at church for a while until it slacked off a bit. We finally all got loaded up, and we came home for lunch.
This sweet girl was ready for her nap!
I got the kids down for naps, and then I got on the internet for a while. Alaina took a fairly short nap, so when she got up, I started picking up clutter around the house. I got Aubrey and Jude up, and then David got home. I fixed some dinner for them, and then I left for Bunco. My mom and I met and rode to our friend Megan's house. It was fun! Our "Bunco year" was over, so we spent a good bit of time finding out who wanted to sign up for another year and who else we could ask to play. Hopefully we got it figured out :) My mom and I were the last two to leave. It was fairly late when I got home, and David and I talked briefly. Then he mentioned that he wasn't feeling very good. He ended up being a little sick, and I really thought he was coming down with a stomach bug (which I didn't take very well -- we had that not too long ago, and the thought of that going through our family again had me almost in tears). Alaina also kept waking up, and I expected her to throw up any second. I slept in our room so that I could be in the room with the kids' monitors, and David slept in the office so that the kids wouldn't bother him if they woke up.

Wednesday: Miracle of miracles, the kids all ended up sleeping well and no one got sick! I got up with them, and David got up about 8:30. He hadn't been sick in the night and was feeling fine. So, we have no idea what was going on the night before. Anyway, he stayed home from work just to be safe, and I had already cancelled my plans for the day (my MIL was supposed to babysit while I went to volunteer), so we all had an unplanned day at home.
Since David was feeling ok, we realized that it would be a perfect opportunity for me to go get some stuff marked off my "adoption to-do list" without the kids. First, I went to get my physical. That actually didn't take nearly as long as I was worried it would. After that, I went to the police department to get finger printed. But of course as soon as I got there they had gone on their lunch break. So I just went back home and helped David get the kids down for their naps. I ate lunch and got SO sleepy for some reason. I ended up laying on the couch and dozing for a little while. I finally made myself get up and go back to the police department. This time, I got it done. I then came back home, and we all got ready for church. We ate dinner there, and then I had to go to class. Alaina was SO upset about going to the nursery that David ended up just keeping her with him since he didn't have any meetings. After my class was over, we got Aubrey and Jude from the nursery and came home. We got all the kids to bed, and then we talked a little bit and got ready for bed.

Thursday: This was Valentine's Day! We don't really make a huge deal out of Valentine's Day, and we didn't have any special plans, but I really wanted to take the kids to do something fun. I got us all ready, and as soon as Alaina woke up from her nap, we ate lunch and left. I had a hard time coming up with fun, indoor activities (it was so muddy outside from all the rain we've had), but we ended up going to Barnes and Noble. My kids LOVE playing in the kids section there.

After they played for a while, I let Aubrey and Jude each pick out a new book as a little Valentine's happy :) We all enjoyed our little outing, and we came home when it was naptime. I got the kids down, and then I got on the computer. When the kids got up, they played while I worked on dinner. I cooked steak. David ended up getting stuck in traffic on the way home, so dinner was a little cold by the time he got here, but we still enjoyed it :) After dinner, we played with the kids and had a family devotion. Then we bathed them and put them to bed. It was a good, low-key Valentine's Day!

Friday: We got up that morning and started getting ready. I put Alaina down for a nap, and she didn't sleep as long as I was hoping. I packed lunch for the kids, and we left to go to the Herrington's house for lunch. We had a great time catching up! Apparently we had a GREAT time because we stayed until THREE O'CLOCK! Oh my gosh, our poor tired kids. Ha! When we finally got home, I realized I had left my phone. I got all the kids to bed, and then I emailed David and SD about my phone. David ended up stopping and picking it up on his way home. It was weird to not have it for a little while! When David got home, he brought a little happy :)
My mom and grandmother came over because David and Aubrey had a date that night, and I was planning on painting more of our living room while my mom and grandmother entertained the little kids. I got Aubrey all ready for her special night -- I even curled her hair :) She was so excited and looked so sweet.

She got a surprise from Daddy too :)

David and Aubrey left to go to the father daughter banquet at church. My brother came over when he got off work to hang out with us. I wasn't really feeling the painting. At all. I decided that I'd rather just go out to eat. Haha! We all went to Newks' and had a fun time! Alaina was a bit fussy, but nothing too bad. After we finished dinner, we came back home and hung out for a while. I got Alaina to bed, and my family was getting ready to leave so that I could put Jude to bed when David let me know they were on the way home. Of course then my family had to wait to hear from Aubrey about her night :) They had had a great time! I loved seeing Aubrey excited! After everyone left, David put Aubrey and Jude to bed. Then David surprised me with a Red Box movie. I had been wanting to see October Baby, so he rented it, and we watched it that night. It was good! It was a change of pace from the type of movies that we usually watch. When it was first coming on, I told David that it might end up being too girlie for me. Haha! It was late when it went off and we went to bed.

 Saturday: David took the kids to the Farmer's Market (after they all slept until 8:40 -- it was a miracle!) and I had to go back to the doctor to let them look at my arm for my TB test results. I think I passed :) When I got home, I got to work painting. I painted and painted and painted. I got a ton done since I had the house to myself. David and the kids had run a bunch of errands and didn't get home until lunchtime. We got the kids fed and down for naps, and then we painted some more. I finally took a break and made some bread and a meal plan and went to the grocery store. When I got home, my mom and grandmother were here picking up a rug I was getting rid of. They left, and David went outside to mow our weeds grass. Sadly, our lawn mower died halfway through. He came back inside and we ate turkey sandwiches and baked fries for dinner. Then I finished rolling our living room while David occupied the kids. We then bathed the kids and got them to bed. I ironed their Sunday clothes and David and I put the house back together after moving everything to paint. We went to bed pretty late.

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