Monday, January 7, 2013

Week in Review: Welcome 2013 and Go Away Stomach Bug!

The week started out well with a new year, but it ended badly with a stomach bug :( Thankfully, we all seem to be past it now! I'm hoping that we've paid our dues now, and we won't get that nasty bug again anytime soon! Haha!

Sunday: We went to church that morning, and then we had Sunday School. We came home and ate tacos for lunch.

All three kids in the same picture! This is about as good as it gets.
I baked some cookies to take to church that night for fellowship time. Then we took naps. As usual. That evening we got ready to go back to church. For some reason, we were running so late and having a hard time getting out the door. We realized a few minutes after we had left home that we had forgotten the cookies that I had made that afternoon. We were really running too late to turn around, though, so we just went on to church. We had a good service, and we ended up staying for fellowship time even though we didn't bring anything. Shhhh ;) After church, we went out to dinner with my whole family. It was fun! The kids had a great time :) When we got home, we put the kids to bed and David and I hung out for a while before bed.

Monday: David was still on vacation from work, so we decided to do a little shopping. We were sick of the kitchen painting project and wanted to take a little break for the day.
Doesn't everyone love a big bowl of pureed zucchini for breakfast??
We got ready and let Alaina take her nap, and then we all went to an antique store to look around. We're looking for two twin beds for Jude's room, but I didn't find what I wanted. It was fun to look around, though. When we left, it was past lunchtime, so we went to McAlister's. We had some spills and the kids were a little wild, so we were ready to get out of there by the time we finished eating ;) Most stores were closing early since it was New Year's Eve, and it was past naptime anyway, so we just went home next. We got the kids down for naps, and David and I did a little work around the house. We didn't have any big New Year's Eve plans, but we were going to go out to eat. We'd been eating out so much over the past week (too much) thanks to our destroyed kitchen, so we were pretty tired of all of the restaurants around here. I wanted to go somewhere fun, but we couldn't really think of anywhere, so we ended up at Applebee's. Whoo. Party Animals! Haha!
Tasting some of Mommy's broccoli
It was fine, and after dinner we stopped at Wal-Mart. When we got home, we put the kids to bed, and then David and I watched the third Bourne movie. It was late when it went off, and we went to bed. 

Tuesday: Happy New Year's! As sick of painting as we were, we knew we needed to try to get more done so that out kitchen was at least functional. So, we painted most of the day, and David got the cabinet doors back on. It felt good to get almost finished!
The kids napped that afternoon, and I took a shower and got ready. I then made a quick run to Kroger. When I got home, we cooked dinner. We had steaks, baked potatoes, roasted asparagus, and rolls. After eating out so much, it was great to eat a home cooked meal, and it was so good! After dinner, we just hung out at home until it was time to put the kids to bed. I was a little sad knowing that David would be going back to work the next day, but I was also looking forward to getting back into our regular routine. That night, I got on the internet for a little while, and we tried to go to bed a bit early since David and I would both be getting up earlier the next day than we had for the past week and a half!

Wednesday: This was my first day back "on the job" since David was back at work :) David is SO sweet and had been getting up with the kids and letting me sleep in while he was off, so I was worried that getting up early again was going to be rough. It wasn't so bad, though! I have been really wanting to get back to the gym, so I decided that this was going to be the day. I was planning on just going during Alaina's naptime and hoping that she would take a car nap and then a really good afternoon nap. While I was getting ready, though, I saw how tired she was and I knew skipping her nap wasn't going to be a good idea. So, I put her down and put in a movie for Aubrey while I got us ready. When Alaina got up, we left. I took the kids to my parents' house, and I hit the gym. I hadn't been since September, and it was actually nice to be back. I'm sure the novelty will wear off real fast, though. Haha! When I finished working out, I picked the kids up. I fed Alaina her solid lunch at my parents' house, and then we headed home. I fixed lunch for Aubrey and Jude, and then I got everyone down for naps. I had a pretty productive afternoon. I did some laundry and straightened up around our WRECK of a house. The kids woke up, and David got home from work. I fixed some soup for dinner, and we all ate together. Jude didn't eat any dinner, but he really never does, so I didn't think a thing about it. Sometime after dinner, he started acting really strange. He was just fussing for no apparent reason, and he wanted to just sit in my lap. He was saying his tummy hurt, but he was pointing towards his throat, and he kept asking for water. I figured his throat was hurting. When it was getting close to bedtime, David took Jude and Aubrey upstairs, and I got Alaina to bed. I noticed that David was taking FOREVER to get Jude to bed, but I guess I wasn't curious enough to go see what was going on. Haha! When David came downstairs carrying Jude's bed sheets, I knew it wasn't good. Jude had thrown up :( I wasn't shocked because when he was acting so strange earlier, I told David that I felt like he was about to puke all over me. I'm glad David got that "fun" instead of me! Ha! :) Jude ended up getting sick once more a little later, and that was it. He did have a rough night, though. He would just randomly cry out, and we'd have to go into his room. Alaina had an awful night too, and I still don't really know what that was about. She was up for an hour from 1-2, and we couldn't get her to go back to sleep. We were finally so desperate that we heated up a bottle at 2AM and gave it to her. That did the trick, and she slept fine after that. Needless to say, David and I didn't get much sleep that night.

Thursday: Morning came a little early after our night. I knew we'd be stuck at home all day to keep our germs to ourselves. Our day was very low-key and uneventful. I got on the internet for a while while Aubrey and Jude played and Alaina napped. Jude seemed fine after his sick spell. He had a normal appetite, and he got really mad when I wouldn't let him have any milk. We just played at home all morning, and then we ate lunch, and I put the kids down for naps. Thankfully, Jude and Alaina both took good naps. I knew they needed the rest after not sleeping well the night before. While they rested, I did some things around the house and got myself ready. When David got home, he played with the kids, and I cooked dinner. We ate together, and then I went to run a few errands (I mostly just wanted to get out of the house for a little while). I went to Babies R Us and Ross, and then I went to Kroger to get some applesauce for Alaina. When I got home, David had all three kids in the bathtub together. Super cute!
Giving babywearing another go with this girl. She seems to be a fan!
We got them ready for bed, and then we put them down. David and I talked a little bit and went to bed fairly early. I was relieved that the sickness seemed to have come and gone so quickly. (HA!)

Friday: The kids all slept well the night before, so that was much needed. I wanted to get out of the house, and we needed to buy a birthday present, so I took a shower and started getting ready that morning. I put Alaina down for a nap, and I got Aubrey and Jude ready while she slept. When she woke up, we left. First, we drove through Chick Fil A and picked up lunch. We ate in the car on the way to the store. When we got there, I fed Alaina her solids in the car. Then we went in Barnes and Noble. I wanted to look for a book, but I quickly realized that finding a book while also watching the three kids wasn't going to happen. So I gave up and we just went to the kid section. I let the kids look around and play with the train table. They had fun, and I just enjoyed the change of scenery. We went to another store after that and bought a birthday gift. It was getting late, so we headed home for naps next. That afternoon, I just did a few things around the house, and when David got home, we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Alaina was pretty fussy, and I thought that was unusual but didn't think much more of it. We went to Target after dinner, and then we came home and put the kids to bed. We were planning to go to Carver's birthday party the next day. We haven't been to visit the Arants since they moved, and we've really been wanting to go see them, so Carver's party was the perfect opportunity! Jude had had kind of a "bad diaper" earlier, though, so I was kind of worried about exposing them to possible germs. My mom offered to keep Jude so that the rest of us could go to the party, and I was literally having a text conversation with Rebekkah trying to  decide what to do and who should go to the party when Aubrey started throwing up. That made the decision for me, but I was so bummed! David went to Aubrey's room, and I went up to try to help and immediately got queasy. David sent me back downstairs. Haha! He got Aubrey all cleaned up, but she ended up throwing up a lot :( Poor baby. Things finally settled down enough for her to get some sleep, and David and I tried to get some sleep, too.

Saturday: We had a BAD night. David had to go to Aubrey's room many times, Jude didn't sleep well, and Alaina woke up at 1, and when I went to her room she had thrown up too :( It was just a LONG night. I was feeling pretty blah during all of this, but I thought maybe it was just in my head. I have a throw up phobia, remember? ;) Around 6AM, Aubrey woke up, and I went to her room. When I got up the stairs, I felt so nauseous and light-headed that I thought I was going to pass out. I had to lay on Aubrey's bed for a while just to be able to make it back downstairs. I knew at that point that I was officially sick too. David took over from there, and I pretty much spent the rest of the day in the bed with waves of nausea rolling over me. Not fun. At all. David was so sweet and brought me stuff as I needed it. The kids were all better that morning, thankfully. Around 3 that afternoon, I felt slightly better so I got up. The kids were napping, and I took a shower. I still felt a little queasy but not nearly as bad. When the kids got up, David and Jude went to the grocery store and got the essential stomach bug stuff. I ate a little bit, and I immediately started feeling gross again. I spent the rest of the night laying on the couch. I did put Alaina to bed, and then David and I went to bed pretty early.

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