Monday, January 14, 2013

Week in Review: On the Mend

We had a good week last week. We were recovering from the stomach bug at the beginning of the week, and I was SO thankful that David never got it. I don't know how he avoided it, but I'm so glad he did. Our week was very low-key and uneventful. It was Aubrey's last week of vacation before going back to school, so we enjoyed having her home :) By the way -- I'm feeling extremely lazy right now and don't feel like transferring pictures from my camera to the computer (plus, uploading pictures to the blog has been SUCH a pain lately), so I'm just using cell phone pictures that I put on facebook over the past week in this post. I'll hopefully be back to posting "real" pictures soon ;)

Sunday: We were still recovering from our bout with the stomach bug. I went to bed feeling pretty awful the night before, so I had no idea how the day would go. We all stayed home from church, and David got up with the kids and let me sleep. When I woke up, I felt like a new person! I was so happy to be on the mend. We all just hung out at home that morning, and we watched First Pres on TV. We didn't have any food since I usually go the grocery store on Saturday, so we all loaded into the car and picked up some lunch. It was nice to get a little fresh air. We ate our lunch at home, and then we got the kids down for a nap. I took a shower and made a grocery list that afternoon. Since I was feeling fine, David was going to go to church that night and take Jude with him (Aubrey and Alaina hadn't been well long enough to go to church). David got ready for church, and I got Jude dressed. When they left for church, the girls and I went to the grocery store, and then we picked up some dinner. When we got home, I put up groceries, we ate, and then we just played until David and Jude got home. We put the kids to bed, and we went to bed fairly early.

Monday: We laid low all day since we were still recovering. Our day was extremely uneventful. I honestly don't even remember a thing we did :) David had karate that night, and I cooked soup for dinner. I bathed the kids, and then David got home, and we put them to bed. I talked to David while he ate dinner, and I got on the internet before bed.

Tuesday: I had Circle that morning, so we got ready for that. We left a little later than we should have because I always forget how long it takes to pump :( I took the kids to the nursery, and then I went to Circle. We started a new study on Colossians, and I think it's going to be good! I picked the kids up from the nursery, and we came home. We ate lunch, and I got them down for nap. I got on the computer for a while, and I straightened up the house. When David got home that afternoon, we talked for a while, and I fixed some dinner. I then left to go to Bunco. I met my mom and we rode together. Bunco was so fun! Between sickness and holidays, I felt like I hadn't seen my church friends in a while, so it was nice to hang out with them! I won a prize for least games :) When I got home, David and I talked for a while before bed.

Wednesday: That morning, we got ready after breakfast because Jude had an appointment to get his hair cut. Alaina woke up early, so she was able to take an early nap before we left home. We were running a little late, and then I had to stop for gas. I took Alaina and Aubrey to my parents' house, and then Jude and I went to his hair appointment. He did well, but he scowled through the whole thing.
Ha! I got my eyebrows waxed while we were there, and then we went to pickup the girls. The kids ate a lunch I had packed for them, and then we headed home.

Here's the "AFTER." So handsome :)
I put the kids down for naps when we got home, and then I tried to do a bit of cleaning. When David got home that afternoon, we got ready and left for a church a few minutes early. We stopped by Wal-Mart on the way to church and picked up some dishes I had ordered. We had a nice night at church. It was our first night back after the break for the holidays, so it was good to be back! My friend and I taught the 1st and 2nd grade, and then David and I picked up our kids from the nursery and came home.
Playing in Bop Bop's (my dad) "big truck" in the church parking lot :)
We put the kids to bed, and then I got on the computer until bed. 

Thursday: This was a rainy, COLD day. I wanted to get out of the house, but I knew running errands in the rain wouldn't be any fun, and the park was out, so I decided that we would go to Chick Fil A to eat and play. I was nervous about taking all three kids by myself, but I decided it was worth the possible stress to get out :) I got us ready, and then I put Alaina down for her nap. As soon as she woke up, we left. Getting unloaded and inside in the rain was the most stressful part, and then we had a lot of fun! CFA wasn't crowded at all, which was a relief. We ordered and ate our food, and the kids and I had a very pleasant time just hanging out together :) After we finished eating, I got one small cup of ice cream for the kids to share, and then I let them play for a while. They had a blast, and I tried to not think about all the germs. Haha! Alaina was very content to sit in my lap and watch, so that was nice. We left when it was naptime, and the kids went down easily. While they napped, I worked around the house for a bit and got on the computer. The kids got up from their naps grumpy, and I was trying to cook dinner, so that was stressful. Alaina just wanted to be held, and Aubrey and Jude were bickering. I finally got dinner ready, and David got home. We ate soup, and then we brought a chair in from the garage that I wanted to put in our bedroom. We had a move a few things around, and we ended up straightening up and decluttering a lot in our bedroom. When it was bedtime, we got the kids down. Then we talked and straightened up more around the house before bed.

Friday: I had planned to go to the gym that morning, but my mom and my brother had come down with a stomach bug, so they couldn't keep the kids for me :( We hung out at home instead and Aubrey watched a movie. I took a shower and got dressed, and then I got the kids ready. I fixed their lunch, and when Alaina woke up, we went to Home Depot. I needed to get a few things. The kids weren't really on their best behavior, so it was kind of stressful.
I let them both pick a paint chip at Home Depot, and of course they both picked a shade of pink. Haha!
We got into the car just in time because it started POURING. I put the kids down for naps when we got home. Then I typed an email and tired to send it, but our internet or laptop or something was being SO frustrating and it wouldn't do anything. I called David and I was so frustrated. I don't think I've been that irrationally upset at something in a very long time. I honestly wanted to chunk our computer out the window. Haha! It finally decided to act right, but then naptime was over and Alaina woke up. Ughh. David came home, we visited for a while, and then we realized it was 5:00 and Aubrey was still napping. Oops! We quickly woke her up. David and I were supposed to have a date night that night, but my mom was sick and unable to keep the kids :( We were bummed, but we still had a fun evening. We went to dinner at a hibachi place, and the kids really enjoyed that. We then came home and put them to bed. David and I watched the new Bourne movie. When the movie went off, Aubrey was STILL awake in her room. That darn late nap! Finally, at 12:30 (!!), I went to her room and told her she needed to stop talking and try really hard to go to sleep. I didn't hear her after that, so I guess it worked.

Saturday: David took all THREE kids to the Farmer's Market that morning and I got to sleep until 10!! I have the best husband! :) When I got up, I called David, and they were finishing up at breakfast. We wanted to go to a few flea market/junk stores to try to find some big boy beds for Jude's room. I quickly got dressed and left to go meet David and the kids. I took a bottle with me, and David gave Alaina her bottle in the car while I ran in the store. I didn't find anything, but David had already been to one flea market and taken some pictures of a couple possibilities, and so we went back to that flea market to look at some beds that he had taken pictures of. They turned out to bed just what I wanted, so we got them! I was so excited to find them!
I took Jude and Alaina home in David's car, and David and Aubrey stayed to pay for the beds and load them up. I gave Jude some lunch when we got home, and then I put him to bed. I got Alaina down next, and David put Aubrey down for a nap when they got home. I figured Aubrey would be exhausted after her late night, but she didn't end up napping. While the kids were napping/resting, David and I took our Christmas decorations down. (Yes, they were still up. I had been itching to get them down for weeks, but we just hadn't had a chance.) Our new neighbor and her little girl stopped by to visit. David has met her before, but this was my first time, and it was nice to get to meet her (even though I was mortified over the state of our house and the fact that I had on minimal makeup and looked totally grungy). We got most of the Christmas stuff down, and then we got the kids up. We went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner, and then we made our Kroger run.
Hugging their "friend" at Mellow Mushroom
When we got home, we put up groceries, and got the kids bathed and in bed. I then baked some muffins for the kids to eat the next week and ironed the kids' clothes for church the next day. We did a little bit more straightening from the Christmas decoration removal before bed.


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Those beds are going to be awesome in Jude's room! Try Firefox for uploading pictures. That's how I am getting my pictures on Blogger.

David Howie said...

On our old laptop we used Firefox exclusively. On our new laptop with Windows 8 it didn't seem to work right, so we went back to Internet Explorer. I can't remember what the issue was though - we'll have to give it another try.