Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week in Review: Minivans, The Election, and Home Projects

We had a nice, fairly uneventful week. The big news is that we bought a van :) So, yeah, I'm a minivan mom now. I must say, it's pretty convenient! 

Sunday: The kids woke up early thanks to the time change. I'm not a fan :-/ We all got ready and got to church early. I guess that's one perk of the time change. We went to Sunday School after the service, and then we came home and ate lunch. We took naps that afternoon and went back to church early because Aubrey was singing in church that night with the children's choir. I was nervous about how she'd do, but she did SO GREAT. She stood still and actually sang! We were so proud of her! :) After the service, we had a little snack/fellowship time. We came home after that was over and got the kids to bed.

Monday: That morning, David took Aubrey to school, and I got myself and the little kids ready. I put Alaina down for a nap, and someone came over to look at our air conditioner. After he left, I got all of our stuff gathered up because we were meeting David to look at a van. I dropped Jude off at my mother-in-law's house, and Alaina and I went to meet David. It was a rainy, yucky day -- not the best weather to look at and test drive a car. We liked the van, though, so we decided to buy it! It ended up taking FOREVER to get everything squared away with that. I fed Alaina baby food at the car place. I ended up having to leave in David's car while he was still doing paperwork to go pick up Aubrey. Once I got her from school, we went to David's parents' house to get Jude. He was having fun playing, but he was SO tired. He had gotten up early and it was past naptime. I nursed Alaina, and then we just waited for David to get there with our new car so that we could go home (all three carseats won't fit in his car). When he finally got there, the kids were excited to load up into the new van. As much as I resisted getting a van, I have to admit, it is SO MUCH better for loading up kids :) But I do officially feel like a soccer mom now. Haha! Anyway, on the way home, I picked up some lunch for myself. It was like 2:30, and I hadn't had anything to eat -- I was famished! When we got home, it was super late for naps, but I put the kids down anyway. They went to sleep and slept late. I ended up waking them up. David was SO sweet and skipped karate that night. It had been a crazy day, so he just came home to hang out with us and help me with the kids. We loved having him home! I cooked dinner, and then we watched Dancing with the Stars, bathed the kids, and put them to bed. I read my Bible Study chapter before bed.

Tuesday: We got ready and went to church for Bible Study that morning. When it was over, we came home and I fixed lunch for the kids and put them down for naps. My mom then came over to stay with the kids so that I could go vote alone. That was nice :) After I voted, I went to Target alone. That was SUPER nice! When I got home, I talked to my mom for a little while, and then she left. That evening, David came home, and I cooked dinner. I made tortillas from scratch, so it kind of took a while to get everything ready. We ate together and had a family devotion. I then turned on the TV and watched the election coverage. It was kind of depressing, so I was in and out. We got the kids to bed, I watched the election coverage until the results were official, and I got on the internet for a while. Then I went to bed.

Wednesday: Aubrey went to school, and the little kids and I hung out at home that morning. Alaina napped and I got myself and Jude ready. We left a little early to pick up Aubrey and ran an errand on the way. We were still a little early, so I drove through McDonalds to get myself a drink. I ordered it and waited. And waited. And waited. There were two cars in front of me, and they never MOVED. It was almost time for me to be at Aubrey's school, and I was getting super antsy. Finally I just had to leave without my drink. I was SO annoyed, and after all that, I didn't get my drink AND I was a few minutes late. Ughh. I got Aubrey, and we came home and the kids napped. That evening, we went to church. I taught my class, and then we brought our kids home and put them to bed. David and I talked and I got on the internet for a while before bed.

Thursday: I had signed us up to go on a field trip with Aubrey's school that morning. I was planning on taking Aubrey and Jude and getting someone to keep Alaina since it was in the middle of her naptime. I couldn't find anyone to keep her, though, and I had already told Aubrey we were going, so I decided to just be brave and take all three kids. It wasn't bad, actually! We went to the Ag Museum, and it was fun, although I think my kids are a little young to fully appreciate the Ag Museum. Jude and Alaina rode in the double stroller, and I never had to get Alaina out. That was nice! I felt bad that Jude didn't get to run around and look at things as much as he probably would have liked, but there was just no way I would have been able to keep up with everyone if he wasn't contained. We walked around with one of my friends from church and her kids, so Aubrey was able to go in places that weren't stroller friendly with them. There was a little train that Aubrey REALLY wanted to ride, but Jude was too scared. My friend let Aubrey ride with her, so it worked out perfectly. I hated for Aubrey to have to miss out because of Jude, but I didn't want to drag him onto the train terrified and screaming. Anyway, after we had seen all the sights, we left. We drove through Chick-Fil-A on the way home, and then the kids napped after lunch. We skipped tutoring that afternoon since we had such a full morning. When the kids woke up, we went to Target to return something, and then we just walked around and killed some time browsing. When we got home, I cooked spaghetti for dinner, and then when David got home, we ate. We had a devotion after dinner, and then we bathed the kids and put them to bed.

Friday: We had someone coming that morning to fix our a/c, and he was there bright and early (before 8). He had told us it was going to take several hours to fix, so I knew we'd have a low-key morning at home. We just played and did some school work and watched a movie. I did some cleaning around the house. When the repair man left to go get a part, I took a shower and got ready. I fed the kids lunch, and the repair man was STILL working. He was upstairs in the attic, so I needed to wait until he finished before I put the kids down for naps. He didn't end up finishing until almost 2:00. Whew! I put the kids to bed the minute he left. Then I straightened up some more and got on the computer for a little while. When David got home, we got ready and went to dinner at Mellow Mushroom. It was fun! I then ran in several stores and returned some things that we didn't end up wearing for our pictures last weekend. When we got home, we put the kids to bed, and then David and I watched What to Expect When You're Expecting. It had some funny parts, but it wasn't our favorite.

Saturday: David took Aubrey and Jude to the Farmer's Market that morning. Alaina woke up at 8, but I fed her and put her in the bed with me, and she went back to sleep until almost 10! It was awesome :) David and the kids were at home and playing outside in the leaves when we got up. They were having fun :) David did some yard work, and then he came in and helped me mix up some paint for Aubrey's bathroom. I've been wanting to paint it, so we used colors we already had and just mixed them together. I went up and started painting while David got the kids' lunch ready. We got Jude and Alaina down for naps after lunch, and then David came and helped me paint. Aubrey just hung out with us in the bathroom talking our ears off while we worked ;) The bathroom turned out cute, although the color is brighter than I had originally had in mind. I'll post pictures one of these days ;) David took the bathroom light fixture down. It was one of those Hollywood looking mirror ones with bare bulbs -- not my style. After we finished painting, we all got ready and went Bed, Bath, and Beyond to look for a shower curtain. I didn't find one I liked, though. We ate dinner after that and then went to Lowe's to get a new light fixture for the bathroom. After that was the grocery store and then home for baths and bed. When the kids were in bed, David and I rearranged some furniture. Whew! Busy day! :)

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

You are going to love that mini-van before you know it. When I drive my parent's jeep, it frustrates me that I have to actually open the doors. Plus, I love that cool box for keeping sippy cups cold.