Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week in Review: Better Late than Never

Gosh, I don't know why I've been such an awful blogger lately.  I guess it's just hard to find the time, but I know I'm going to regret not blogging more these first few months of Alaina's life. I REALLY, REALLY am going to try to do better! I have several posts I've been wanting to do, and hopefully I can post my Week in Review posts before Wednesday in the future! Anyway, our week was good; nothing exciting going on. Just hanging out with the three babies :)

Sunday: We got ready and went to church.
Sweet girl in her Sunday clothes. She wasn't in the mood for pictures.
 David had to do sound that morning, and we were running a little late, so he helped me get the kids to the nursery door, and I told him to go on. I didn't think putting Aubrey and Jude in their room would be a big deal, but I was wrong. Apparently, Aubrey had been in the middle of asking David a question when he ran off to do sound, and she was heartbroken that he didn't answer. So she had a major meltdown and was sobbing over that. I picked her up and got her calmed down, and then I told Jude to come with us to their room. He was playing with a Noah's Ark that is on display in the nursery entrance, and he didn't want to leave the animals there. So when I took them away, he had a major meltdown. I had to put Aubrey down to deal with him, and she started crying again. Then Alaina started screaming from her carseat. Oh my! I finally got Aubrey and Jude quiet and in the nursery, and Alaina and I went to church. She didn't last very long, though, before I had to take her out. I got her to sleep in my arms and we went back into the sanctuary. After church, I fed Alaina, and we went to Sunday School. For some reason, Alaina was kind of fussy that day, and I had to leave Sunday School with her a couple of times. When we were done with Sunday School, we got the kids and met David's family for lunch at Amerigo. It was fun! The kids were great considering it was naptime. Aubrey and Jude had quite a bit of fun with their spaghetti. They made a HUGE mess, but it kept them occupied :) After lunch, we came home and got everyone down for their naps, and then I took a nap. We went back to church that evening, and it was a good service. We went to Mazzios with the Arants after church and it was so fun! It was great to catch up. We left when the babies let us know it was time :) We put the kids to bed when we got home, and I got on the internet for a little while before bed.

Monday: I got up early and got ready to take Alaina to the doctor for her 6 week checkup. David was staying with Aubrey and Jude, thankfully! I wasn't feeling brave enough to attempt the doctor with all three just yet :) Alaina got a great report at the doctor! When we got home, David left to go to work. The kids and I played outside for a little while, and then we came in for lunch. After that, it was naptime. While they slept, I made up my bed and did some laundry, and then Alaina woke up. My mom came over that afternoon to stay with the kids so that I could go to the grocery store alone. When I got home, we ate leftovers for dinner. My mom stayed through dinner, and then she went home. The kids and I watched a little Dancing with the Stars, and then I gave Aubrey and Jude a bath. David got home right after I got them out of the tub, and he put them to bed. I fed Alaina and got her to sleep, and then I put her down. I read some of my Bible Study homework and went to bed.

Tuesday: I got up early and took a shower, and then I made some oatmeal for breakfast. We ate when the kids got up, and then I got us all ready for Bible Study. We got there on time, and it was a good discussion (that I didn't really participate in since I never seem to get my homework done these days). After it was over, I fed Alaina while my dad played with Aubrey and Jude. I had packed a lunch for the kids, so we ate at church and visited with my dad and a friend for a little while. We then headed home for naps. While everyone slept, I listened to some parenting sermons that our pastor preached a few years back. I needed a refresher :) I folded laundry, made up my bed, and addressed more birth announcements while I was listening. That afternoon when David got home, he took the kids outside to play while I cooked dinner. It was such a beautiful evening that we decided to eat outside. It was fun! After dinner, David kept the kids and let me run to Target and Ross to try to find a pair of pants. I got some, but I think they're going back. By the time I got home, it was bedtime, so we got all three kids to bed. We had a low-key evening after the kids went to bed.

Wednesday: We spent the day at home playing and getting things done. We ate breakfast and I put Alaina down for a nap. Aubrey and Jude entertained themselves while I worked around the house. Alaina woke up, and I fed her and held her, and then we ate lunch. I gave the kids a bath, and then it was naptime for everyone.
Snug as a bug after her bath :)
 I took a shower and got ready while they slept. When David got home, we loaded up and went to church. We ate dinner, and then I had to go feed Alaina. After she ate, I went to the fellowship hall and visited until it was time to get the kids from the nursery. We came home and put the kids to bed, and I watched the end of American Idol and then went to bed.

Thursday: After we ate breakfast, I was really itching to get out of the house for a little while.
I wracked my brain for something that I could do with all three kids, and I really couldn't come up with anything that didn't sound like a nightmare waiting to happen. So, I settled for Target. Ha! As soon as we walked in the door at Target, Jude fell down and started crying. Poor baby! I had to put Alaina down to comfort him, but we got settled into a buggy, and everything was going fine until Alaina started melting down. Then Jude was throwing his shoes and whining about where Aubrey was sitting. I was trying to hold Alaina and push the buggy and referee Aubrey and Jude.... whew! We made a speedy exit ;) I will say that going places like that is good for me because it makes me appreciate being at home more. Haha! When we got home, we played until lunchtime.

We ate, and then it was finally naptime! While the kids slept, I dozed on the couch. I decided I would just rest during naptime and be productive when they got up. I started cooking dinner that afternoon after our naps, and I straightened up the disaster zone that was my house. David got home for dinner, and we all ate together. Then we had a family devotion. We watched American Idol, and David played with the kids until bedtime. Once we got everyone to bed, I was so happy to sit and enjoy the quiet :)

Friday: I took a shower that morning, and then I put Aubrey and Jude in the tub. Alaina went down for a nap, so I was able to get myself ready and get Aubrey and Jude dressed. I got Alaina up, fed her, and got her dressed, and then we drove through Chick Fil A and went to Sarah Denley's house for lunch. We had a lot of fun! The kids enjoyed playing together, and they made a BIG mess. When we got home, I put the children down for their naps, and I made up my bed and cleaned up the house. It's always a wreck after we get ready to go somewhere. When David got home, we talked about what we wanted to do that weekend. I was wanting to get out of the house, so I fed Alaina and we went to eat at Sweet Peppers. We sat outside and had a very pleasant meal. After we ate, we walked to a toy store to get a birthday present. Then David took the kids to play in a fountain, and I went to Barnes and Noble. I got to take my time browsing for a book, which was SO nice. On settled on Divergent. I then went and checked in with David, and the kids were having a blast playing in the water in their clothes :) Since they were having so much fun, and Alaina was fine, I walked to Fresh Market and browsed around and got a few things. By that point, it was getting late, so we took the kids to the car and took their wet clothes off. I ran back in Sweet Peppers and fed Alaina, and then we went home. We had such a fun night getting out and playing! We put the kids to bed when we got home, and then David and I decided to watch a movie. We started Sherlock Holmes, and I made it about 5 minutes before falling asleep. Oops! I usually don't fall asleep in movies, so I was kind of surprised when I woke up and the credits were rolling. Oh well, I think David enjoyed it. Ha! We went to bed after that.

Saturday: Aubrey was invited to a birthday party at the Children's Museum at 9 that morning, and we decided that David would take her and I would keep Alaina and Jude. I got up and took a shower and got Aubrey dressed, and she and David left. I then got Jude and Alaina ready and we went to meet my mom to go to the Farmer's Market. I had been wanting to go, but I didn't want to take the kids by myself, so my mom offered to go with me. It turned out that David and Aubrey were finishing up at the party, so we dropped Jude off at the museum with them, and David took Aubrey and Jude to the park. So my mom and I only had Alaina. It was kind of late by the time we got to the the Farmer's Market, so they didn't have a lot left (I expected that), but I did get the milk I wanted. I dropped my mom off at her car and went home to put the milk in the fridge and feed Alaina. David and the kids got home around lunchtime, and they ate and then we got all three kids down for naps. I worked on sending some pictures to Wal-Mart to be printed out, and then I met my mom to shop for a little while while the kids were all napping. I had a lot of fun getting out by myself! David was supposed to call me if Alaina woke up, but she never did! I made it back home before she woke up and needed to eat :) After all the kids were up, we decided to go on a walk. We put Jude and Alaina in the double stroller and Aubrey walked. She got tired not too long into the walk like I figured she would (she had insisted on walking, though), so she rode on David's shoulders for a while. The kids all did better than I had expected, and we had fun. We ate leftovers when we got home, and I made a grocery list. I then left David at home to bathe the kids, and I went to Wal-Mart to pick up the pictures and Kroger. When I got home, David was just getting Aubrey and Jude to bed, and Alaina was screaming. Poor baby! I got her ready for bed and nursed her to sleep. I made some sausage for us to have for breakfast the next morning and cooked our lunch for Sunday before going to bed.

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