Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a wonderful Easter! We went to church and then had lunch at my great aunt's house with a lot of my family. We took tons of pictures, but the kids weren't really into having their picture taken. What else is new? :) We did get a few cute ones, though!This perfectly sums up how Aubrey felt about pictures :)
Alaina's first Easter!
And here is Jude's "I'm not feeling pictures" face ;)

We also got some family pictures, and I'm so happy to have them. One year I WILL coordinate all of our Easter outfits. This just wasn't the year for that.When we got home, I made Aubrey pose for a few pictures. I didn't even attempt this with Jude because I knew it would be a lost cause. Then while I was inside with Alaina, Aubrey and Jude has some fun playing on the deck with David :)We are so blessed and were so happy to celebrate Christ's resurrection with people who we love! I'm so thankful that we serve a risen Lord!


Amy said...

first of all,you look AMAZING!! LOVE love the easter outfits...and they totally look like they coordinate in the pics. all shades of blue :)
aubrey is precious, jude is adorable, and alaina looks like a doll. what blessings!

ps - i feel like i should say something about david since i complimented everyone else - ha! he looks nice, too :)

Courtney said...

You guys look great. I think you do look coordinated in your shades of blue.

Nathalie said...

Such beautiful family pictures! Glad y'all had a great Easter! Jude is looking SO old in all of the pictures lately!