Wednesday, January 4, 2012

29 Weeks

If I get much later with these posts, I'm going to be a week behind my actual pregnancy. My official rollover day is Saturday (or Sunday... I can't remember), so I need to stay more on top of this! ;)

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along:
29 weeks
Size of baby: She is about 15.2 inches and around 2.5 pounds -- about the size of an eggplant!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Oh, I haven't weighed since my last doctor's appointment, but it's not going to be pretty when I do. I'm kind of dreading my next appointment for that reason. I need to get back on the treadmill!
Maternity Clothes: Yes, I wear maternity clothes. Yes, I'm tired of them. Yes, I'm starting to outgrow some of them. I'm kind of running out of new things to say here every week. Haha.
Movement: A few times lately, she's kicked me so hard it's been painful. I still love feeling so much movement though! I think she's by far my most active baby in utero, so maybe she'll be super mellow when she's born? One can hope! ;)
Gender: It's a GIRL!!! Her name is Alaina Ruth :)
Sleep: I'm still having some trouble getting comfortable, but I slept better this past week than the week before. It was SO nice having David home because I got to sleep a little later, and I was able to make it through the day without feeling like I needed a nap. I could get used to that!
What I miss: My regular clothes :)
Cravings: I haven't had any cravings, but I've wanted to snack at night. And preferably on something sweet. Not good. Also, I've wanted things other than water to drink. I'm usually a big water drinker, especially at home, but I've been wanting coke and sweet tea and hot chocolate lately.
Symptoms: A lot of heartburn recently. And a few nights last week after standing most of the day working on Jude's room, my ankles were swollen before I went to bed. Ughh, I was hoping to avoid that this time. I also get really winded easily. Good times! :)
Best Moment This Week: Starting and finishing Jude's room! Well, we finished the walls. We still have other things to do in there. We're going to move him in the next week or so, and that means we'll be able to get the nursery ready for Alaina! Thankfully, there are no huge projects to do in there.
What I Am Looking Forward To: I think I'm nesting, even though it seems kind of early for that. I'm looking forward to getting everything ready in the kids' rooms, and getting the kids' closets organized, and washing Alaina's little clothes :)

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